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Why car covers should be the first accessory you purchase

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Updated 23 Nov 2020

Izabella Alvarez

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After you purchase a new car, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the different accessories and extra little bits and pieces you can buy for your car.

It’s your car, you spent a lot of money on it and now, you want to personalize and make it match exactly the kind of appearance you want it to have.

And yet, it’s here that a lot of new drivers or people who recently purchased a new car don’t exactly have the most pragmatic plans in mind. The more practical driver would look at the weather in their local area, as well as the places they drive through the most, and think about the possible risks their car would face in these locations.

And we all know that in Australia, the weather is not always on our side and it does sometimes feel, as if it’s working against you.

So when even nature wants to damage your car, you’ll need to have special kinds of outdoor car covers ready to protect your vehicle's interior and exterior from the elements.

Parking Outside: The Big Gamble

Any time you park outside for a long time, you’re pulling the handle on a slot machine.

If you get lucky, there will be no weather events and your vehicle is safe from any kind of damage, dirt or grime. At least for now.

But if you’re not lucky, you can have anything from heavy showers completely drenching both the inside and outside of your car, scorching UV rays cooking the inside and turning the car’s leather finish into flakes of dust or even hailstorms, which can and have poked entire holes in cars.

These are only a few of the dangers that the Australian weather poses to cars parked outside. And if you’re someone who works in a place with an open-air car park, you’re taking this gamble on a daily basis.

But take a gamble, when you can simply work around it entirely with car covers. If you live in a part of the country with constant showers and a lot of rain, consider purchasing a waterproof or water-resistant car cover.

At first, a few drops of rain may not seem like much and they aren’t. Modern cars, after all, are quite sturdy and the exterior has many coats of paint and protective layering to protect it from moisture.

But if your vehicle is stuck under constant rain, at the very least some moisture will get trapped inside. And if this happens, you can expect to find rusting and corrosion at some point.

This is not only something you’ll need to repair, but may require you to replace parts entirely, leaving you with a very long check at the mechanic’s.

And what about hail? You can be confident that your car can take a day or two of rain without taking any damage, but hail is far more direct and a lot less negotiable than rain.

If it starts to hail and you don’t find a solid roof to park under, you’re now the owner of a car that has dents on every square inch, as well as a lot of scrapes and in worst cases, holes in the exterior and shattered windows.

So, there are hail car covers for those people who live in parts of Australia where the weather is more than unpredictable.

But if you come prepared with outdoor car covers, like waterproof car covers or hail proof covers, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about while your car is parked outside.

It’s a very simple and practical solution to an age-old problem and it only takes the purchase of one accessory.

Parked In the Garage? Don’t Get Too Relaxed

Even in a garage, that may be sealed airtight, with all the proper utilities to store your car in, completely protected from weather events like rain, hail or snow and is state of the art in almost every way possible, your car can still get damaged.

Let’s first consider the fact that Australia is a very dusty country.

There’s a lot of dirt and soot not just on the ground outside, but also floating through the air, being carried around by the wind. At some point, it will find its way into even the most secure locations.

And when it does, it will definitely settle for your car as well.

But dust being such a small and weightless particle, what possible danger could it pose to a car that’s such a complex marvel of engineering and technology?

You’d be surprised to hear that dust can actually do quite a lot.

If it gets into the interior, it will settle in places like the air filtration unit. And as dust accumulates there, you’ll have a clogged car part on your hands.

Not only that, but dust can also very easily make its way into the motor and if enough dust settles there you’ll be left with a malfunctioning car at one point or another.

What about all the other things stored in the garage? You don’t just have your car there; you also have gardening equipment, DIY tools, perhaps a bicycle or two hanging from the walls, old toys and other things you’ve stored there.

At any point, these can be tipped over and hit your car, causing damage that could have easily been avoided, had you had an indoor car cover.

These don’t exist for collectors to drape over their Aston Martins.

Indoor car covers are designed to protect your car from the dangers inside the garage.

Anything from falling objects, to dust, have no way of harming your car if you simply invest in an indoor car cover and give your car that extra layer of protection it needs.

And you can find all kinds of car covers, from those hail proof, to the indoor and dustproof ones at Car Covers Australia, where they not only offer a big variety of covers to pick from, but also unprecedented deals and some great bargains you can take advantage of right this very second.

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