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Car window tinting

What is car window tinting?

Living in Australia, we are subjected to harsh environmental conditions, and one of the harshest is the sun.

Leaving your vehicle parked in the sun for even a short period of time can turn it into an oven, leaving you to quickly scramble around inside to avoid burning yourself when hopping back in - especially when putting your seatbelt on and discovering the metal buckle has now become a branding iron!

Thankfully, tinting your windows can reduce the heat coming through into the car, as well as make it look more stylish in the process.

Depending on the type of window tint used, reduced UV light coming into the cabin is also an upside, and it also makes your vehicle look great.

How to tell if you need car window tinting?

If your vehicle lives outside, or you live in a sunny part of Australia, window tinting could be beneficial to keeping your car cool, as well as protecting you and the interior from harmful UV light.

Tinted windows also improve the look of your vehicle, providing a sleek and ‘blacked out’ look.

How important is it to get your car windows tinted?

Window tinting is a completely optional process, however, the pros outweigh the cons for many vehicle owners, which is why a majority of vehicles on the road today have their windows tinted.


  • Keeps the internal temperature of the vehicle lower, reducing strain on the Air Conditioning system
  • Blocks UV light absorption into the vehicle, protecting occupants and the interior components from damage
  • Enhances the look of the vehicle


  • May make it more difficult to see at night due to lower visibility, although modern window tint films have excellent optical clarity
  • Older window tints often bubble and peel off, which is unsightly and can also be unroadworthy if in the line of sight of the driver

How is the window tint applied?

First, the windows are inspected to see if the vehicle has previously been tinted, as any old tint will need to be removed before new tint can be applied. Once any old tint has been removed, the windows will be thoroughly cleaned to remove all smears, marks, dirt and dust before the window tint is cut to size.

This is often done on the outside of the glass to ensure correct fitment. After the tint is shaped to the window, the installer will apply a soapy water mixture to the film, which allows it to be moved around and positioned in the correct place without the adhesive backing sticking to the window.

Once located in the correct place, the installer will use a plastic squeegee to remove any excess water, air bubbles and dust particles that are under the film, which will allow the adhesive to bond to the glass.

This process is continued throughout the vehicle until all windows are covered.

How much does a window tint application cost?

The cost of having your windows tinted depends on the type of vehicle you drive, the number of windows being done, any old tint that has to be removed and the type of tint being used.

Small vehicles range from $160 - $400+, medium-sized vehicles from $200 - $500+ and Larger vehicles and 4x4 start from $300 and go up to $700+.

Where can you get your windows tinted?

Window tinting is typically carried out at specialty workshops that are set up with all the necessary tools required to carry out removal and fitment of window tint, however, in the last few years, mobile window tinting has become more popular, with technicians able to carry out tint removal and application at your home or workplace.