Roof lining repair

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Average rating for Car roof lining repair


4.7 • based on 7 reviews of 6 businesses

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Average rating for Car roof lining repair


4.7 • based on 7 reviews of 6 businesses

Roof lining repair

What is an automotive roof lining repair?

An area of the car that doesn’t get much notice is the headliner/roof lining, that’s the internal fabric you see overhead, covering the underside of the roof. The roof lining comprises a fabric foam upholstery which attaches to the roof of a vehicle.

Sometimes this liner will detach from the roof from the edges and hang down or you may notice drooping bubble sections where the fabric has partially come away from the roof.

The roof lining may also get damaged, dirty, rot and develop holes over time. This can happen with general wear and tear. A major factor though is sun and heat which can affect the materials used in headliners, taking its toll and deteriorating the materials until they need to be replaced.

How to tell if you need a roof lining repaired

If any section of the roof lining isn’t securely fixed to the roof then you should have it repaired. Take a look up next time you are in the car, does your liner hang low, does it sway too and fro?

Perhaps it’s so bad you can’t see anything but the roof liner when you look in the rear vision mirror.

If you are embarrassed about your saggy roof lining, can’t see out of all the windows safely or the dog loves playing tug of war with a tear in the roof lining, then the time has come to have it fixed.

How important is it to get a roof lining repair done?

There are major safety issues if you have distractions when driving and if you have fabric flapping around or hanging down then it’s not ideal. If you can’t see around your vehicle when driving or parking it increases your blind spots and could potentially cause an accident and harm another person.

Another factor to consider is the aesthetics, do you want your car interior to look nice? How about regulating the temperature and noise reduction, with that added layer between the outside world it can make a difference.

car roof lining

How is a roof lining repair carried out?

There are some cheap DIY options that involve glueing it back into place, using spray adhesives, staples, steam cleaners and double-sided tape however it’s best to use a professional unless you like revisiting it again and again.

Professional roof liner repairers have the skills and experience for each individual situation. They will repair and adhere the lining back into place making sure the liner fits correctly around the moulded sections of the roof, doors, window edges and interior lights. While ensuring there are no creases and bubbles. They will also make sure there are no dirty handprints left after the repair.

An experienced roof lining repairer will also be able to tell you if it is repairable or as the liner may need to be replaced instead. If headliners need to be replaced the windscreen and rear window may need to be removed.

How much does repairing roof lining cost?

It might cost around $150 - $500 to repair a roof lining and could take a couple of hours to do, depending on the vehicle and repairs required.

Where can you get roof lining repaired?

Experienced roof lining trimmers/auto upholsterers/motor trimmers have the skills required. They will use high-quality materials and get the job done right so you don’t need to worry about it again.

If you are looking for a professional for the best results then AutoGuru is a great place to find and book local and mobile auto trimmers.