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Average rating for Power steering pressure hose replacement

4.7 • based on 15 reviews of 14 businesses


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Average rating for Power steering pressure hose replacement

4.7 • based on 15 reviews of 14 businesses

Power Steering Pressure Hose Replacement

How Much does a Power Steering Pressure Hose Replacement Cost?

The steering system is the only system able to change your vehicle’s direction.

To make steering effort easier, a hydraulic system provides steering assist.

This hydraulic system’s high fluid pressure flows through hoses, keeping the fluid contained inside the power steering system.

The power steering pressure hose is exposed to the most pressure, causing wear and tear over time.

A power steering pressure hose normally lasts at least 100,000km but premature failure can occur due to extreme temperatures or contamination.

The average cost for power steering pressure hose replacement is between $125 and $485, although some models may be more expensive.

Because the power steering system is constantly engaged when the engine is running, increased engine hours can contribute to pressure hose problems. 

What is a Power Steering Pressure Hose?

In your car’s power steering system, the power steering pump forces high-pressure fluid from the reservoir to the steering gear, or rack and pinion.

The fluid provides hydraulic assist for your steering system in the rack and pinion, so long as the fluid flow is proper.

A hose carries the fluid from the reservoir to the steering gear, and that hose is known as the power steering pressure hose.

It’s a synthetic rubber hose that’s been reinforced with cotton or Kevlar strands to increase its strength. A threaded connector is crimped onto each end.

While the power steering pressure hose is reinforced, it can still be weakened by extreme heat or cold, excess pressure, or contamination inside or on the outside of the hose.

This can contribute to fluid leaks or ruptured hoses, and the power steering system has inadequate flow to assist steering effort.

When a power steering pressure hose develops any amount of leak, it will need to be replaced.

Symptoms You Require Power Steering Pressure Hose Replacement

  • Increased steering effort or choppy feel when turning the steering wheel
  • Power steering fluid reservoir is low
  • Red or brown oily substance on the ground under the engine bay
Power Steering Pressure Hose Replacement Cost

How is the Power Steering Pressure Hose Replaced?

  • The technician lifts the car on a hoist or jack stands
  • The power steering hoses are inspected and the leak identified
  • The leaking hose is disconnected at both ends and a new hose is fitted
  • The power steering fluid system is bled of air and the fluid topped up
  • The technician performs a road test to ensure proper steering operation

Tips to Remember

  • Ensure the manufacturer-specified fluid is used to bleed and top up the power steering system to prevent premature wear on internal power steering components.
  • Some power steering pressure hoses must be replaced as an assembly along with the return hose.
  • It’s a good idea to have the power steering fluid changed at the same time as power steering pressure hose replacement.

How Important is Replacing the Power Steering Pressure Hose?

Replacing a leaking power steering pressure hose will give you the assurance your steering system will operate reliably at all times.

If you choose to drive your car with a faulty power steering pressure hose, you may be at risk of losing steering control, putting you, your passengers, and bystanders in danger.

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