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Average rating for Fuel gauge sender replacement


4.4 • based on 9 reviews of 9 businesses

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Average rating for Fuel gauge sender replacement


4.4 • based on 9 reviews of 9 businesses

Fuel gauge sender replacement

How much does a fuel gauge sender replacement ost?

There must be fuel in the tank for the engine to run. The fuel gauge sender is the component responsible for letting you know your fuel level.

During normal driving conditions, the fuel gauge sender may last a vehicle’s whole lifespan, although an unforeseen failure can occur that requires the fuel gauge sender to be replaced.

Depending on the make and model of your car, as well as the style of fuel gauge sender used, the average price for fuel gauge sender replacement is between $250 and $800 for parts and labour.

In nearly all cases, labour is the majority of the cost for fuel gauge sender replacement. 

What is the fuel gauge sender?

Every car is equipped with a fuel tank, and every fuel tank has a fuel gauge sender to determine how much fuel remains inside.

It’s mounted inside the fuel tank and is most often attached to the fuel pump assembly. A float, attached to a rod, stays on top of the remaining fuel in the tank.

The rod moves up and down on an electrical contact, which translates the fuel level into a reading that can be displayed on the gauge.

The fuel gauge sender is made of a combination of metal and plastic.

Contained for its whole life inside a protected fuel tank, the fuel gauge sender is a somewhat delicate component.

It’s possible for the float to leak and subsequently sink, the rod can become jammed, or the electrical contact can operate sporadically.

If the fuel gauge sender develops a fault in any way, it will need to be replaced.

Symptoms you require fuel gauge sender replacement

  • The fuel gauge reads empty at all times
  • The fuel gauge is stuck at ‘full’
  • The gauge needle fluctuates at random times
Fuel gauge sender replacement costs

How is fuel gauge sender replacement performed?

  • The technician verifies the problem and isolates the fuel gauge sender as the issue
  • The car is lifted and the fuel tank is removed
  • The fuel pump assembly is taken out, if necessary, and the fuel gauge sender is removed
  • A new fuel gauge sender is fitted and the fuel pump assembly is reinstalled
  • The fuel tank is refitted and the vehicle lowered to the ground
  • The technician verifies the repair is complete

Tips to remember

  • Some fuel gauge senders are part of the fuel pump assembly and must be replaced as a complete unit
  • The fuel system should always be depressurised before beginning any fuel system-related repairs.

How important is fuel gauge sender replacement?

Continuing to drive your car when the fuel gauge sender isn’t working won’t cause any harm, however, you may run out of fuel if you don’t carefully monitor your fuel situation.

That can put you at risk of an accident if you run out of fuel in traffic.

While there’s no risk of additional damage by driving with a faulty fuel gauge sender, you’ll have more driving confidence if you know how much fuel is left in the tank.

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