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Average rating for Throttle body replacement


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Average rating for Throttle body replacement


4.7 • based on 9 reviews of 9 businesses

Throttle body replacement

How much does a throttle body replacement cost?

Your engine relies on fuel and airflow to operate correctly. The fuel system controls the fuel supply, and the throttle body and air intake control the airflow.

The throttle body is an air metering device that sits at the front of the intake manifold.

It can be opened and closed via a throttle cable, although most new cars use fly-by-wire electronic throttle bodies to better regulate control.

The air intake can become contaminated and any debris can prevent the throttle body from operating correctly, causing premature failure.

There are also sensitive electronics inside the fly-by-wire throttle bodies, and any failure will require a new throttle body to be fitted.

Depending on the make and model of your vehicle, a throttle body replacement can start around $150 and exceed $1000 in some cases.


What is a throttle body?

The basic throttle body is comprised of an outer housing and an internal throttle plate, which is connected to the accelerator pedal via a throttle cable.

When the pedal is pressed, the cable opens the throttle plate which allows more air into the engine - thus controlling the engine speed.

With new technology, sensors and other emissions-related controls have been adapted to this simple design and now most vehicles are fitted with far more accurate fly-by-wire throttle body designs.

This system is controlled by an electronic accelerator pedal, which sends a signal through the engine control unit (ECU) to the motor controlling the throttle plate.

This motor operates the plate accurately, increasing fuel economy and reducing harmful exhaust emissions.

Symptoms your throttle body requires replacement

  • Check Engine Light on: This is mainly for the electronic throttle bodies. If a sensor fails or detects that there’s a discrepancy in movement between the pedal and the throttle. blade, it will illuminate the check engine light and you may experience a loss in power.
  • High or erratic idle speed: If the throttle plate has a build up of carbon deposits or a mechanical failure, a high idle or erratic idle speed may result.
  • Sticking or racing throttle: If something is caught in the throttle mechanism causing it to stay open, the engine speed will increase. This can be dangerous if it happens when you are driving.
Throttle body replacement

How is the throttle body replaced?

  • The engine cover is removed, if necessary
  • The air intake is removed from the throttle body
  • Any electrical connectors are disconnected from components
  • The throttle cable is removed, if fitted
  • The bolts holding the throttle body are removed
  • The new throttle body and gasket are fitted and the bolts tightened
  • The electrical connectors are reattached, and the air intake hose is refitted
  • The vehicle is test driven to determine correct operation

Tips to remember

  • If your throttle gets stuck open, switch off your ignition as soon as possible but make sure to leave it on accessory power so you can steer. This way, you will still have steering so you will be able to pull over without incident
  • Cleaning the throttle plate at regular intervals can help prevent any issues appearing

How important is replacing your throttle body?

Replacing your throttle body as soon as you notice an issue will not only ensure your vehicle is safe to operate but will keep your vehicle running smoothly and efficiently.

Reduced power and even limp-home mode can activate when there is a problem, and this may cause an accident if you are not ready for it.