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Average rating for Indicator bulb replacement


4.8 • based on 38 reviews of 37 businesses

Indicator bulb replacement

How much does an indicator bulb replacement cost?

You have the ability to tell the traffic around you where you plan to drive your car, and it’s through the use of turn signal indicators.

Your turn signals illuminate with the use of an indicator bulb. An ordinary turn signal indicator bulb can last for years before it burns out.

Once it stops working, it needs to be replaced right away.

A common indicator bulb will only cost about $10 to $30 to replace on average, but some specialty bulbs or high-end models might be considerably more to change.

The more frequently a light is used, the sooner it is likely to require indicator bulb replacement. 

What is an indicator bulb?

Your car’s turn signal indicators use bulbs that illuminate.

These bulbs are rated for 12 volts, which is the standard electrical power in a car.

The bulbs are fitted into a socket at each turn signal light housing. You’ll find signal lights at each corner at the front and the rear, as well as on the sides both front and back.

In each of these locations, there may be more than one bulb, or the bulb might serve more than one purpose.

A common indicator bulb is a basic incandescent light bulb. When power is supplied to the grounded bulb, the filament glows white hot and produces light.

If the connection on the bulb is corroded or fails, or if the filament burns out, the bulb will no longer illuminate with power. That’s when indicator bulb replacement is required.

Symptoms you require indicator bulb replacement

  • Frustrated drivers around you
  • Indicator light does not illuminate or lights up dimly
  • Turn signal flashes fast
  • Signal bulb warning message on instrument cluster
Indicator bulb replacement cost

How is an indicator bulb replacement performed?

  • The technician identifies the light bulb that’s not working
  • Wiring is disconnected from the bulb
  • The bulb housing is removed from its mounting position if required
  • The indicator bulb is removed from the light assembly and a new bulb is fitted
  • The wiring harness is reconnected and the housing is reinstalled.
  • The technician verifies the new indicator bulb functions as it should

Tips to remember

  • Only the exact bulb style and specifications should be used for indicator bulb replacement.
  • Wiring issues or a burnt fuse can mimic the symptoms of a burnt-out indicator bulb, thus proper diagnosis is required.

How important is replacing your indicator bulbs?

Replacing a burnt-out indicator bulb gives you the confidence to know your signaling is received by the traffic around you.

If you choose to drive your car with lights that don’t work, you could needlessly be placing yourself, passengers, and others around you in danger of a collision, simply because other drivers couldn’t tell where you were headed.

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