Wiper blades not cleaning repair from $46

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Average rating for Wiper blades not cleaning repair


4.7 • based on 73 reviews of 65 businesses

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Average rating for Wiper blades not cleaning repair


4.7 • based on 73 reviews of 65 businesses

Wiper blades not cleaning repair

How much do wiper blades cost?

If you’ve got streaky and smeared windscreens or are dealing with wipers dancing in front of you making embarrassing noises, then you will probably need to repair or replace your wiper blades.

As part of a basic or logbook service, your mechanic will check the wiper operation and inspect blades for any telltale signs of wear.

Some modern wiper blades include wear indicators which identify when they are due for replacement, otherwise it is fairly easy to identify yourself.

One telltale sign is that you probably can’t see through your windscreen clearly!

If your wiper blades are in need of repair, it generally means they will need to be replaced.

Replacement wiper blades can cost from $12.95 to $89 for a set. That’s if you feel up to some DIY.

Add extra labour cost if your mechanic is fitting them for you.

Fitting wiper blades looks easy, but it can be frustrating.

Some auto part suppliers might have a fitment service and can replace your wipers for a small fee.

Or you can get an upfront cost with an AutoGuru local specialist, who can inspect, source and fit new wiper blades for you, hassle-free.

What is a wiper blade?

A wiper blade is a long thin frame containing a rubber or synthetic blade edge.

This edge acts as a squeegee in contact with the windscreen or rear window of a vehicle.

The wiper blade moves in a sweeping motion across the windscreen or back window and is attached to an arm connected to the wiper motor.

A wiper’s function is to remove debris and rain/water away from the driver's field of view and provide clear visibility for safer driving.

The wipers are controlled via a driver-assisted lever or through an automated windscreen sensor system.

Typically, vehicles will have two wiper blades for the windscreen and one for the rear window (if it’s a hatch), but there are variants to the norm.

Some older model vehicles have a separate detachable rubber refill that slides onto and clips into the wiper assembly.

Newer models have an all-in-one unit that has the rubber edge incorporated within the wiper assembly.

Symptoms of failing wiper blades

  • Smeared windscreen
  • Scratches on the glass
  • Noisy wiper operation
  • Uneven contact or streaking
  • Physical deterioration of the blade
Wiper blades not cleaning

How do you replace wiper blades?

  • Lift blade away from the window
  • Push the tab under the hook adaptor to release assembly
  • Pull assembly out of the hook shape at the end of the wiper arm
  • Identify and attach the hook lock adaptor onto the new blade assembly
  • Fit the wiper arm hook into the adaptor on the new wiper blade assembly
  • Lock it into the arm
  • Lower onto windscreen
  • Check operation

How do you replace worn wiper rubbers (if applicable)?

  • Lift blade away from the window
  • Squeeze the end clip on existing blade
  • Slide the rubber insert off the wiper assembly
  • Insert new blade refill
  • Lock the metal clip on the end so it can’t fall out
  • Cut off any excess blade
  • If the blade has a metal backer this can be cut or snapped off to size
  • Lower onto windscreen
  • Check operation

Tips to remember

  • Check wipers regularly
  • Check you have the correct part for your specific vehicle, if DIY
  • While fitting blades, make sure that the empty wiper arm does not smash down onto the window
  • Remember to top up the wiper washer fluid
  • Check wipers are functioning correctly before driving off

Why it is important to have your wiper blades inspected or replaced

Safety! If you can’t see where you are driving, you can’t react to any impending danger.

Wiper blades need to function correctly at any given moment, otherwise you could end up in all sorts of trouble and potentially cause trouble not just for yourself but for other road users.

If faulty wiper blades are left in disrepair, they may not clear the windscreen effectively at the most crucial of times.

They could also cause permanent damage to your windscreen and, in a worst-case scenario, you may be up for a windscreen replacement.

We depend on windscreen wipers to provide the visibility required to get to our destination safely.

Whether it’s clearing your window from the car in front that’s squirted your car with their washer fluid, or keeping things clear when you’re driving through a storm, the windscreen wiper is a crucial component and one you want working well when you need it most.