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Will window tinting void my car insurance?

If a vehicle is found to be outside of the tinting regulations then yes, it may void your insurance. An insurance company could look to a breach to avoid paying a claim.There are legalities regarding the visible light transmission (VLT) required on vehicles. In Australia, on passenger vehicles, VLT regulations for windscreens are 70-75%, Front side windows 35% and rear-of-driver windows 20% (15% in NT). These are minimum amounts.

Can car window tint be repaired?

Window tint can be repaired fairly easily, and all you’ll need is water and some patience. You should use the same type of tint as that you are going to replace. Cut around the bad patch of tint and remove it with the aid of water. Clean the window of glue residue and replace the bare patch with new tint, using water to assist in the application. Cut any excess away and, fingers crossed, it should join seamlessly with the older tint. Depending on the damage, it may be best to replace the tint altogether.

Can window tinting be removed?

There are a few ways car window tint can be removed:

1. A steamer can be used to peel away the tint.
2. Soapy water
3. Newspaper and soapy water. (The film should adhere to the newspaper and come away as you remove the newspaper)
4. A hairdryer at its hottest setting

Will car window tinting void my warranty?

A new car warranty doesn’t cover any aftermarket accessories fitted to the vehicle. If you fit an aftermarket part or accessory and it interferes with or damages a component on the vehicle, then that component won’t be covered under warranty. However, if you fit a quality accessory or part and it doesn’t have any adverse effect on the vehicle then it cannot void the car warranty.

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Tint Ur Ride Fairfield

starstarstarstarstar   5 • 16 January 2021

I couldn’t be more happy with the service and the level of professionalism I received I’d highly recommend getting your windows tinted from these blokes.

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Amirhossein M

2012 Holden Cruze

Pars Auto Tech

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Dear Misagh and Crew Just a note to let you know how very much we appreciate all the extra work to get the Marjan's Car fixed and back to us. Sincerely, Ryan

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Timeless Car Cleaning

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Awesome tint.

AAA Windscreen and Tinting Rockingham

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Great customer service and very happy with the tinting.

Emma k

Pro Tint Adelaide

starstarstarstarstar   5 • 9 October 2020

Easy to organise an appointment. Looks great. Very happy with the job. Informative and explained everything well.

Eagle Tinting Service

starstarstarstarstar   5 • 14 January 2021

Well I wasn't there to watch them put the windscreen on! But, they done a really excellent job. I'll definitely recommend these guys to anyone with car window problems. Thanks Guys.

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