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Average rating for Battery cable replacement


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Average rating for Battery cable replacement


5.0 • based on 5 reviews of 4 businesses

Battery cable replacement

How much does a battery cable replacement cost?

The battery is the electrical heart of your vehicle. It provides power to start the car and also runs the radio and other electrical components inside the cabin.

However, not much thought is given to how the battery sends its power to the starter motor, alternator and fuse block. This is the job of the battery cables.

These run from where the battery is located to the required components, which can sometimes be at the other end of the vehicle. These cables are susceptible to damage but their main enemy is corrosion.

This limits the amount of current that can flow through them, which can cause many electrical issues. If your battery cables require replacement, you could be looking at $150 to $400 and above, depending on the location of the cables and the length required.

What is a battery cable?

A battery cable is made up of a length of wire (usually copper) which has been insulated and fitted with terminals on each end.

Depending on where it is fitted in the vehicle, and which components it is joining together, the thickness of the wire, the colour of the insulation and the terminals it is fitted with can vary dramatically.

The difference in thickness also allows for a different electrical flow rate, which is another factor to be mindful of when having your battery cable replaced.

Symptoms your battery cable may need to be replaced

  • Vehicle slow to turn over
  • Flickering or flashing dashboard lights
  • Dim or non-operational headlights
  • Battery light on dash
Battery cable replacement cost

How are the battery cables replaced?

  • Battery and system voltage is tested
  • Voltage drop is tested over the length of the battery cables
  • The corroded or damaged cable is replaced
  • The voltage test is carried out again to ensure repair is complete

Tips to remember

  • Most cables are only available as part of a harness. However, some cables may be replaceable in sections, or may even be repairable if the damage or corrosion is easy to reach
  • You may have to replace the battery at the same time as excessive load may have caused it to wear prematurely

Why it’s important to have your battery cables replaced

Without properly functioning battery cables, there is no way for the electrical current from the battery to flow to the components that need it most.

These components include the alternator and starter motor, so this can leave you stranded with a vehicle that won’t start or is draining the battery.