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Average rating for Dome light bulb replacement


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Average rating for Dome light bulb replacement


5.0 • based on 1 review of 1 business

Dome light bulb replacement

Dome light bulb replacement cost

It’s something we may think we can live without . . . until we need it. Just like having a torch at home, a dome light bulb (interior light bulb) in the car is a must-have when you need to find or read something in the dark. It really can be a lifesaver.

Like most bulbs, they can fail and blow or fade out over time and at some stage, you will probably need to replace a dome light bulb. This is something that can be done at home but if your not super keen on the idea of doing it yourself you can get an AutoGuru mechanic or auto electrician to replace the bulb for you.

If you like to use the interior dome light all the time it will burn out more quickly, so be prepared to change them more often if your a light fanatic.

To have an automotive dome light bulb replaced will cost around $5 to $50 depending on the bulb choice and vehicle make and model.

What is a dome light bulb?

Your car will have at least one interior dome light which may be centrally located overhead in the cabin. Some vehicles may have multiple lights and they can be programmed to turn on when the remote unlock is activated or when the car door is opened. There is usually a switch or button located on the main interior light hub to set up automatic/manual activation or deactivation illumination.

There are various types of interior dome bulbs available and the one for your car will be specific to the make and model of vehicle. The bulbs come in different fitment styles to connect to the dome lamp assembly. Some light fittings may take one or more bulbs.

The bulbs in a car are a lot smaller than a bulb you may find at home and these will either sit, push, plug, screw or twist into the light assembly. The interior dome will typically use a 12V LED bulb. These bulbs can come in a variety of colours so you can select what mood lighting suits best for your car.

Symptoms a dome light bulb needs replacing

  • The light doesn’t come on
  • Flickering light
  • Bulb is fading
Dome light bulb replacement

How is a dome light bulb replaced

  • The cover on the interior dome light assembly unscrewed or unclipped
  • Dome light bulb is removed
  • New bulb fitted
  • Operation of the bulb is checked
  • Light assembly cover screwed or clipped back

Tips to remember

Try not to directly handle the glass and make sure to discard the old bulb responsibly.

Turn the dome light switch off before replacing the dome light bulb.

How important is replacing a dome light bulb?

If you like being able to see the seat belt buckle or where you placed your wallet in the car then a functioning interior dome light can come in really handy! We are not all creatures of the night and dome bulbs are great for shining light on those things we like to see and do when in the car.

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