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Average rating for Power window switch replacement


4.3 • based on 11 reviews of 11 businesses

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Average rating for Power window switch replacement


4.3 • based on 11 reviews of 11 businesses

Power window switch replacement

Power window switch replacement cost

If you’ve been around long enough to know what it means to work a hand-crank window winder, you will appreciate how fabulous power windows are . . . at least until they stop working. When that happens, there is no way of getting that window up or down without pulling the door apart, or an action that could lead to window actuator damage. There goes being able to park somewhere securely, or avoiding a wet interior if the window is stuck in the down position.

There are a number of reasons the power windows won’t work. It could be due to a blown fuse, broken cable, damaged track, defective actuator or a faulty window switch. It’s best to get a professional to diagnose the fault.

If you are advised that you have a broken power window switch that needs to be replaced, this will cost around $60 to $350 depending on the switch required.
Typically, it is the driver’s master switch that fails as it is used most often. The master switch is usually a larger component with toggles/buttons to activate all the vehicle’s windows.

What is a power window switch?

The power window switch is the device physically operated to move the windows up or down. They are usually found in the door armrest or in the centre console and often a moulded plastic assembly.

Power window switches have toggles/buttons that are flicked or pushed to activate the power window function. They are an electrical device connected to the car’s wiring either directly or via a control module.

There are a couple of variations to how the circuit operates. One system, when activated, will transfer power to the window motor which will then turn one way or the other depending on whether the window is to open or close.

Other systems close a relay when the switch is activated on the door module. This sends a message to the control module to activate the window motor. This type of system is more likely on a vehicle that has multiple operations on the one module/switch. A window master switch can also have other functions like mirror and door lock controls included.

Symptoms a power window switch needs replacing

  • Master switch works but the switch for that particular door doesn't work
  • Windows don’t operate
  • One window doesn’t work
  • Intermittent or erratic operation
Power window switch replacement

How is a power window switch replaced

  • Door trim panel is removed (if required)
  • Power window switch unplugged from connectors
  • Power window switch removed
  • Old switch checked against new one to confirm they are the same
  • New window switch fitted
  • Wire harness reconnected
  • Door trim refitted (if required)
  • The switch function is tested

Tips to remember

Be gentle when removing and fitting switches as they are usually made from plastic and can easily crack or split with too much force.

If you can’t lock your vehicle securely and it is subsequently stolen, insurance companies may choose not to pay out on a claim.

How important is replacing a power window switch?

It’s more an inconvenience than anything. If the window is stuck in the down position then you won’t be able to park safely and rain can enter the cabin. If the driver's window is stuck in a closed position, you will want to remember not to go through any drive-thru fast food joints!

It’s worth booking a window switch expert through AutoGuru to prevent this inconvenience.