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Average rating for Clutch cable adjustment


4.3 • based on 12 reviews of 12 businesses

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Average rating for Clutch cable adjustment


4.3 • based on 12 reviews of 12 businesses

Clutch cable adjustment

How much could a clutch cable adjustment cost?

Driving a manual can be fun, but that fun can come to a halt in stop-start traffic.

That’s when you get a little sick of pushing that clutch in and out hundreds of times to move one kilometre.

Have you ever wondered how that affects your clutch and how many times you can perform that action before the clutch wears out?

One of the joys of driving a manual is that you have a wonderful cable that can be adjusted as the clutch wears.

This cable gives the clutch a little bit more life before it dies for good.

If you find the clutch pedal engaging earlier when you push the pedal, then the clutch cable needs to be adjusted.

An experienced AutoGuru mechanic can get that done for you.

Be prepared to pay around $50 to $100 to do this, or a little more or less depending on where the clutch cable is situated.

What is a clutch cable adjustment?

Manual vehicles have a clutch, which has the job of smoothly connecting the engine torque power to the driveshaft.

There are two types of clutches, hydraulic and manual. A hydraulic clutch is generally self-adjusting while a manual clutch is adjusted by a cable.

So why would you need to adjust a clutch cable?

Due to rotating components engaging together to transfer power, there is friction and wear.

Over time, this wear creates space between components and engaging the clutch becomes more difficult.

When adjusting the clutch cable the objective is to adjust the play between pedal and the clutch lever, with the right amount allowing the clutch to engage better.

Eventually, however, the cable won’t be able to adjust any further and the clutch will have to be replaced.

The cable typically runs from the cabin, through the fire wall, and out to the clutch in the engine bay.

The cable connects the clutch pedal and the fork, which is a lever attached to the clutch.

When the driver pushes on the clutch pedal it puts tension on the cable, moving the fork, which engages the clutch.

In saying all that, sometimes the culprit can be the clutch cable itself, as it may have just stretched over time.

Symptoms that the clutch cable needs adjusting

You will notice your foot is rising higher up on the clutch pedal before the clutch engages.

The opposite can happen too, when the cable has been adjusted too far.

Then you will notice that the vehicle can’t get into reverse and the clutch may be disengaged all the time.

Clutch cable adjustment

How is the clutch cable adjusted?

Not all clutch cables are the same.

You should consult your owner manual before attempting this one, if at all.

Ideally, it would be in your best interest to have an expert adjust the clutch cable and this can be done by booking an AutoGuru quality mechanic.

  • A technician will test the clutch
  • Locate the clutch cable connection to the fork
  • Release the cable
  • Tighten or loosen a nut depending on whether the clutch pedal is to come higher up or further down to engage the clutch
  • The pressure on the fork will be checked
  • The clutch pedal in the cabin will be pushed in and out a few times to see if engaging correctly
  • The cable will continue to be adjusted until the clutch pedal is engaging correctly
  • Lock nut retightened to hold it all in place
  • Test drive to check clutch operation

Tips to remember

  • Don’t tighten too much as you won’t be able to get into reverse and clutch may not engage at all
  • If the clutch pressure plate or throw-out bearing were replaced recently, then the clutch cable may need adjusting
  • When replacing a clutch slave or master cylinder, the clutch cable may need adjusting
  • The cable can only be adjusted so many times. Eventually, the clutch will need to be replaced

How important is adjusting the clutch cable?

Very important. If the clutch engaging system isn’t operating optimally, then the greater the chance not only of wear and strain on other components, but for some expensive repairs later.

If you can prolong the life of your clutch as long as possible, then do it - it could potentially save you thousands.

Need your clutch cable adjusted and looking for an expert to do the job? Get an AutoGuru qualified mechanic to get you back on the road.