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Average rating for Driveshaft seal replacement


4.6 • based on 9 reviews of 9 businesses

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Average rating for Driveshaft seal replacement


4.6 • based on 9 reviews of 9 businesses

Driveshaft seal replacement

How much does a driveshaft seal replacement cost?

The differential and gearbox in modern vehicles relies heavily on lubrication to operate correctly.

Specific gearbox and differential oils are created to properly lubricate all the moving parts as well as provide protection from wear and tear.

These components receive inputs from the engine and have to output to the wheels to allow the vehicle to drive.

It is the job of the driveshaft seals (or axle seals as they are also known) to seal off these openings while allowing drive to pass through.

Driveshaft seals are most commonly found on front-wheel drive cars, where the seal is mounted into the differential case where the driveshafts lock into the differential and transmission.

There is no replacement interval for these seals, so when they start leaking it’s time for an awesome AutoGuru technician to replace them.

Depending on the style of your vehicle, a driveshaft seal replacement may start around $200 and reach $500 and higher, depending on how much labour is involved.

What is a driveshaft seal?

The driveshaft seal is similar to a number of other seals on the vehicle, including the rear main seal and camshaft seal, as they utilise a solid outer ring and a rubber inner ring with a thin spring to hold tension on the seal.

This is fitted into the differential or transmission housing, and the driveshaft joint passes through it to locate on the inside of the transmission or differential.

Symptoms your driveshaft seal requires replacement

  • Oil leaking from the transmission area onto the ground
  • Low transmission or differential fluid
  • Erratic transmission operation due to low fluid
Driveshaft seal replacement

How is the driveshaft seal replaced?

  • The technician will inspect the vehicle to determine the source of the leak
  • The car is jacked up to allow access to the differential or transmission
  • The driveshaft is moved out of the way and the driveshaft seal is removed
  • The area is cleaned and the new seal fitted
  • The driveshaft is refitted and the oil level is topped up
  • The vehicle is lowered down and test driven to ensure the repair is successful

Tips to remember

  • Some 4WD models will have front and rear driveshaft seals, so correct diagnosis is imperative to ensure the right repair is carried out
  • It is best practice to replace the differential or transmission fluid when the seal is replaced, in case any contamination of the fluid has happened

How important is replacing your driveshaft seal?

Having a differential or transmission that is operating correctly is crucial to the everyday operation of your vehicle.

Having a leak from a driveshaft seal may increase wear and tear on these components and if it is not rectified quickly you may end up with a massive repair bill when the transmission or differential fails.

Replacing a leaking driveshaft seal will combat these problems and keep you and your family safe on the road.