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Top 3 shock absorber brands according to mechanics

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How can I tell if my shock absorbers need replacing?

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Why is my steering wheel shaking when I drive?

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What are the laws around steering wheel knobs?

A steering wheel knob may be used by people who require mobility aids to assist in driving. Your individual situation and location will determine if the modification will require certification. If you are not disabled, then it is probably best not to fit one. If you are disabled, depending on which state you live in and the installation of the steering wheel spinner knob will determine if it requires certification.

Why does my steering wheel shake when I am braking?

There are many reasons for a steering wheel to shake. However, your wheels being out of alignment or unbalanced is the most common cause. If your steering wheel shakes only when braking, it may mean your brake rotors have worn unevenly, which prevents the brake pads from making proper, consistent contact with the rotors.

What's the proper way to hold a steering wheel?

The recommended hand position when driving is known as ‘9 and 3’. If you picture your steering wheel as a clock face, you place your left hand where the 9 would be, and your right hand where the 3 would be.

What are the main power steering components?

The main power steering components are;

  • Power steering pump
  • Rack and pinion
  • Steering yoke/coupler
  • Tierod ends
  • Power steering hoses
Where can I get my shock absorbers replaced?

You can get your shock absorbers replaced at any independent mechanical workshop or specialist suspension workshop on AutoGuru. You will need to select a shop that can also perform a wheel alignment, as this will need to be carried out whenever suspension work is performed on your vehicle.

Should I get all my shock absorbers replaced at the same time?

Most manufacturers recommend that shock absorbers are at least replaced in pairs, so the front or rear respectively. Replacing one pair may upset the handling or balance of the vehicle, so it is best to replace all shock absorbers to return the vehicle to like-new condition.

What are the different types of shock absorbers?

There are three basic types of shock absorbers available for most modern-day vehicles;

  • Mono tube
  • Twin tube
  • Gas filled
How long shoud a shock absorber last?

Your driving style, the roads you drive on and the loads you carry all impact the shock absorbers life expectancy - so there is no steadfast answer to this question. However, shock absorbers are recommended to be inspected every service and suspension experts recommend replacement every 80,000km - 100,000km or six years.

What's the difference between a shock absorber and a strut?

They are essentially the same thing. A shock absorber is designed to absorb the energy stored by the suspension spring when going over bumps. These shock absorbers can be separate from a spring or be located inside the spring. A strut is where the spring sits in a specially designed housing which is fixed to the shock absorber, reducing the amount of space needed.

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