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Average rating for Oil pressure sensor replacement


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Average rating for Oil pressure sensor replacement


4.6 • based on 13 reviews of 12 businesses

Oil pressure sensor replacement

Oil pressure sensor replacement cost

You never want to see that light illuminate on the dash that means you have low or no oil pressure. Especially when you are out in the middle of nowhere.

But what does it mean when the oil pressure light comes on and the oil dipstick indicator shows oil up to the max line? Now you're confused. What’s the story with that?

More than likely the oil pressure sensor is faulty and needs replacing. A faulty oil pressure sensor can give false oil pressure readings, which can trigger that dashboard warning light.

Before getting the oil pressure sensor replaced, have the wiring connection checked, just in case it is a wiring issue and not the sensor.

If the oil pressure sensor has failed, it will need to be replaced. An experienced technician should get this job done for around $70 to $250 depending on the vehicle type.

What is an oil pressure sensor?

It is a small electrical conductor circuit with sensors, encased into a shell with a connector on the back.

This is screwed into the block, usually at the top of an engine near the rear of the block, with a wire connection plugged into the back.

Oil passes and enters the oil pressure sensor through a small hole at the tip. It measures resistance based on the oil pressure.

The oil pressure sensor is a critical part of the engine. It identifies any changes to the quality and pressure of the oil in the engine and sends a warning to the vehicle’s computer. This then sends a signal to the oil pressure gauge in your instrument panel.

Symptoms the oil pressure sensor needs replacing

  • Oil pressure gauge shows no pressure
  • Oil pressure warning light is on
  • Oil pressure light keeps flashing on and off
Oil pressure sensor replacement

How is the oil pressure sensor replaced

  • The vehicle is left to cool a little bit
  • Oil pressure sensor is located
  • Electrical connections on the oil pressure sensor are unplugged
  • Oil pressure sensor is removed and a new one installed
  • Sensor is checked for successful operation

Tips to remember

If the oil pressure light illuminates, stop the car in a safe place and check your oil level. If your oil level is low or not registering on the dipstick, don’t drive the car. Have someone bring you some oil or have the vehicle towed to a mechanic.

Make sure to check the wiring and connection along with the sensor. It may not be the sensor that is faulty but the failure of other components.

Let the engine cool before removing the sensor.

How important is replacing the oil pressure sensor?

It is extremely important to have the oil pressure sensor replaced if it is faulty.

If you continue to ignore the warning light and the vehicle develops an oil leak, it may run low on oil - a problem that can do irreversible damage to the engine. Avoiding a small oil pressure gauge replacement cost could result in a very expensive engine replacement.

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