Air conditioning pressure switch replacement from $305

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Air conditioning pressure switch replacement

How much is an air conditioning pressure switch replacement?

Air conditioning (A/C) is a basic necessity for many vehicle owners.

When your A/C is not operating at its best, it can be a major inconvenience.

If the A/C is not working at all, well, this could signify a complete catastrophe, especially in an Australian summer.

When an A/C pressure switch fails you might only realise it’s not working because the car doesn’t cool down.

When this happens it’s time to book an A/C inspection with an AutoGuru A/C specialist, so they can confirm what is going on.

If advised an A/C pressure switch has failed and needs to be replaced, be prepared to pay around $250 to $500, depending on your vehicle and where the switch is located.

What is the A/C pressure switch?

Within the complexities of the A/C system, there are two A/C pressure switches - a low and a high-pressure switch.

They are sometimes called interrupter switches.

When the A/C on/off switch is turned on, power travels through an intricate circuit of A/C components, fuses and switches.

Within that circuit, power needs to pass through an A/C low-pressure switch and an A/C high-pressure switch.

The low-pressure switch needs to detect enough refrigerant pressure to close the circuit.

The high-pressure switch will remain closed unless the refrigerant pressure gets too high and then it will open the circuit.

If a switch detects too little or too much pressure the circuit will remain open and no power will proceed to the compressor clutch.

If the compressor was to operate with the wrong refrigerant pressure it would damage the unit.

The switches work by way of pressure sensors that are built within the units. The switches generally screw into the A/C refrigerant lines.

Compressors can be expensive to replace so these A/C pressure switches are a welcome safety net for the compressor.

A/C switches can be found in different locations on your vehicle depending on your make and model.

Some may be positioned inline or within the compressor and can come in numerous forms.

An experienced A/C specialist will know where to find them on your vehicle.

Symptoms an A/C pressure switch needs replacing

  • A/C does not cool
  • A/C cuts in and out repetitively
  • The compressor is not working
Air conditioning pressure switch replacement

How are they replaced?

  • A/C refrigerant will be removed
  • A/C switch will be located
  • Wiring disconnected from the switch
  • A/C switch removed
  • New switch fitted
  • Wiring plugged back in
  • A/C refrigerant evacuated and refilled
  • A/C functionality checked

Tips to remember

If your air conditioning isn’t working properly and it keeps switching on and off rapidly, turn the unit off and have it looked at as soon as possible to eliminate the possibility of additional damage.

Don’t attempt A/C repairs at home.

A/C work needs to be carried out by qualified technicians due to pressurised liquids and gases.

When replacing A/C components, the A/C system refrigerant will need to be evacuated and refilled.

This will be an additional cost in A/C repairs.

How important is replacing the A/C switch?

How important is A/C to you?

If you can live without it then never turn the switch on again.

Somehow I think the sticky seats, sweat-stained clothes and windswept hair might sway your disapproval of paying to have it fixed.