Front shudder when braking repair from $247

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Average rating for Front shudder when braking repair


4.9 • based on 16 reviews of 16 businesses

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Average rating for Front shudder when braking repair


4.9 • based on 16 reviews of 16 businesses

Front shudder when braking repair

What does it feel like?

You’re effortlessly driving down the road without a care and then your steering wheel starts feeling like it’s transforming into a jackhammer.

You start moaning about paying taxes and how surely they can fix the roads . . . then it happens again.

Eventually, you come to the realisation that it’s not the road at fault and your hands are only getting a tapotement massage when you are braking.

There could be a number of issues that would make the front of your vehicle shudder.

If you experience a shudder through the steering wheel and it’s only when you hit the brakes, then the brake pads and rotors will typically be the first port of call to look for answers.

Depending on the reason for the brake shudder, pricing to get this fixed will vary greatly. If it’s a quick hub clean or un-seizing a caliper pin, that will start from $50.

If eliminating the problem means machining the rotors, pricing will start from $90.

If you need a mechanic to replace your brake pads and rotors, pricing could start from around $500 and can travel into the thousands, depending on the vehicle and quality of the parts.

What is front shudder when braking?

You will feel a pulsating sensation through the steering column or steering wheel, only when braking.

This can occur if the disc thickness has variations in it.

This uneven wear on the disc rotors causes the brake pad to grab and release the rotor, resulting in shuddering.

This could be due to the brake pads not being bedded in correctly, or that the calipers not be functioning correctly, or incorrect rotor installation.

It could also be the result of overheated brake distortion or a rusty hub.

Symptoms of a front shudder when braking

  • A vibration felt through the steering column
  • Pulsating sensation through the steering wheel
Front shudder when braking repair

How do you repair front shudder when braking?

The brakes may need to be replaced, rotors may need to be machined/replaced or, if you’re lucky, it may simply be a matter of repairing a seized slide pin in the caliper or a rusty hub.

  • Rusty hub – the brake disc will be removed, surfaces cleaned and if the hub is distorted it will need to be replaced or modified

  • Seized caliper sliding pin – the pin will be released from the caliper, cleaned or replaced, then greased and refitted

  • Machine rotors - a lathe is used to remove a layer from the rotor surface until it is smooth. The rotors may have to be removed from the vehicle

  • Replacing brake pads and rotors - brake pads and rotors will be removed, new rotors and pads fitted and bedded in

Tips to remember

  • Don’t attempt self-diagnosis. This could potentially be a serious problem and you should have the vehicle inspected by a professional as soon as possible

  • If you experience brake shudder, be aware that it may take longer to stop your vehicle. Take it easy and be more cautious until you get the issue fixed

How important is it to repair front shudder when braking?

The brakes are the most important safety component on your vehicle.

They let you slow down and stop at a moment’s notice and the front brakes take most of that load and pressure.

You can’t predict when you’re going to need to suddenly come to a stop.

The cost of brake repairs may seem high but is it higher than your insurance premium and the inconvenience, if you were involved in an accident?