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Average rating for Fuel injector replacement


3.5 • based on 6 reviews of 6 businesses

Fuel injector replacement

How much does a fuel injector replacement cost?

The fuel delivery system on most modern cars includes fuel injectors.

They are responsible for precisely delivering the right amount of fuel into your engine so it burns evenly and efficiently.

With wear and tear, deposits from low-grade fuels, and over time, one or more fuel injectors can become plugged or leak fuel into the engine.

It’s typically cars with more than 100,000km that require fuel injector replacement, but an unexpected problem could require replacement sooner.

On average, replacing one fuel injector will be approximately $300 to $500, depending on the make and model you drive.

Since your fuel injectors pulse constantly while the engine is running, all of them may require replacement around the same time.

What is a fuel injector?

Fuel injectors are the final piece of your fuel system where fuel exits the system and enters the engine.

It’s a compact, electronically-controlled valve attached to the fuel rail and it’s consistently under pressure.

Your engine has one fuel injector per cylinder, and the fuel injection process is controlled precisely to allow for maximum efficiency and power at all times.

Fuel injectors are made of a metal body machined to precise specifications and topped with a plastic cap and electrical connector.

A tiny electrical solenoid operates a pintle valve at the bottom of the injector.

The fuel rail attaches to the top of each injector and an electrical connector sends the fuel injector a signal to open and close the pintle valve.

Debris and fuel contaminants can plug up the pintle causing it to spray fuel inconsistently, not at all, or leak too much fuel into the engine.

Once a fuel injector exhibits symptoms of failure, it must be replaced.

Symptoms you require fuel injector replacement

  • Check Engine Light is illuminated
  • The engine runs rough or there’s a dead miss in a cylinder
  • There’s a raw fuel smell from the engine or the exhaust
Fuel injector replacement cost

How are fuel injectors replaced?

  • The technician removes any components blocking access to the fuel injector including the intake plenum, wiring, or vacuum lines
  • The fuel line is disconnected from the engine fuel rail
  • The fuel rail is removed from the engine with the fuel injectors attached
  • The faulty fuel injector is removed and a new one is fitted in its place
  • The fuel rail and fuel line are refitted and the engine components are put back in place
  • The technician runs the engine and road tests the car to confirm the repair is complete

Tips to remember

  • Often, it’s a good idea to replace the fuel injectors as a complete set if failure is due to contamination or wear.
  • Some fuel injectors can be rebuilt or reconditioned to save cost.
  • Some newer engines are fitted with ‘Direct Injection’ where the fuel injector sprays fuel directly into the cylinder. These injectors run under high pressure and can be more labour intensive to replace if an issue is detected.

How important is replacing your fuel Injectors?

A leaking or plugged fuel injector causes the related cylinder to run rich or lean, both of which can cause long-term problems that require extensive repairs.

In addition, your car’s performance will suffer and your Check Engine light will remain on until the repair is performed.

While there’s no immediate safety concern when fuel injector replacement is required, it can save you much higher repair costs down the road if it’s performed sooner rather than later.

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