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Average rating for Air conditioner condenser replacement


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Average rating for Air conditioner condenser replacement


4.7 • based on 60 reviews of 49 businesses

Air conditioner condenser replacement

How much does an air conditioner condenser replacement cost?


The air conditioning system relies on many crucial components to operate as efficiently as possible.

One of these components is the condenser. The condenser is located at the front of the car, often located in front of the radiator.

The job of the condenser is to cool the air conditioning refrigerant that recently been compressed by the air conditioning compressor.

The main reason for the condenser to fail is through impact damage. Rocks and road debris can puncture and damage the condenser, causing the refrigerant to leak out.

They can also block up due to other air conditioning component failure – such as compressor failure.

If this is the case, you may need to replace other components to bring your air conditioning system back to correct operating condition.

An air-conditioning condenser replacement usually starts around the $500 mark, and depending on the vehicle and location of the condenser, this can increase to $900+

What is an air conditioning condenser?

The best way to think about the air conditioning condenser is just like the radiator for your engines cooling system – as they perform a very similar function.

Instead of having coolant flowing through it, the condenser cools the refrigerant gas coming from the air conditioning compressor, and returns it to liquid form. This liquid then travels through into the cabin, where it provides cool air for the occupants inside.


Symptoms your air conditioning condenser requires replacing

  • Air Conditioning not as cold as normal
  • Air Conditioning not working at all, blowing air but not cold
Air conditioner condenser replacement cost

How is replacing your air conditioning condenser carried out?

  • The condenser will be visually inspected for any leaks or damage
  • The air conditioning system pressure will be checked
  • If the condenser requires replacement, any gas in the system will be removed
  • In most cases, the front bumper will be removed to allow access to the condenser
  • The old condenser will be removed and a new one installed along with new ‘O’ rings
  • The air conditioning system will be evacuated and new gas injected into the system
  • The system will be tested for correct operation

Tips to remember

  • When replacing the condenser, the receiver dryer and the compressor may also need to be replaced depending if any debris has entered the system
  • Depending on your vehicle, the front bumper and headlights may need to be removed to allow access to the condenser and other components

How important is having your air conditioning condenser replaced?

Having a fully operation air-conditioning system not only adds to your comfort inside the cabin, but provides additional safety as it is used for window demisting when the conditions are unsavory outside.

Some vehicles with climate control require both hot and cold air entering the cabin to regulate the temperature, so you may end up with just heat – which will make the interior of your car like an oven!

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