Coolant level sensor replacement from $137

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Coolant level sensor replacement

How much does a coolant level sensor replacement cost?

The engine in your vehicle relies on coolant to keep the engine temperature in check. Having the correct level of coolant in the cooling system at all times ensures that the engine doesn't overheat. The coolant level sensor monitors the coolant level in the overflow reservoir and lets the driver know when that level drops, usually with a light or a message on the dashboard.

If the sensor has failed, a warning light may appear on the dashboard. If the coolant level is OK, it’s time to have the sensor replaced. Coolant level sensor replacement can start around $150 and go to $400 and over, depending on the location of the sensor.

What is a coolant level sensor?

A coolant level sensor is an electronic sensor that is usually located in the coolant reservoir, although it can also be located in the radiator. When the sensor detects low coolant level, it will switch on a dashboard light to warn the driver that the coolant requires topping up.

Symptoms your coolant level sensor requires replacing

  • Coolant light is on but coolant level is ok
  • Coolant leaking from coolant level sensor
  • Coolant light won’t turn off once coolant level is topped up
Coolant level sensor replacement

How is the coolant level sensor replaced?

  • The coolant level sensor is verified as the problem
  • The coolant is drained lower than the coolant level sensor
  • The old coolant level sensor is disconnected and removed
  • The new coolant level sensor is connected and fitted
  • The coolant level is topped up, and the engine run to ensure correct operation

Tips to remember

  • Some coolant level sensors cannot be removed from the coolant reservoir, so the complete reservoir will need to be replaced
  • The correct type of coolant is essential to prevent any issues with the cooling system

How important is replacing a failed coolant level sensor?

Failing to have the correct level of coolant in your vehicle will lead to overheating, which can leave you stranded with a broken down vehicle and a massive repair bill. While it may seem like a small issue, replacing a failed coolant level sensor as soon as it is noticed will make sure the cooling system is operating at its best, keeping your engine in its optimal temperature range.