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Average rating for Side mirror replacement


4.2 • based on 71 reviews of 49 businesses

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Average rating for Side mirror replacement


4.2 • based on 71 reviews of 49 businesses

Side mirror replacement

How much does a side mirror replacement cost?

It's difficult to give a rough cost right here and now, simply because there are so many different makes and models out there.

It also depends on whether you opt for a genuine replacement from the manufacturer, or go for a quality aftermarket part. 

To get an exact quote for a side mirror replacement on your make and model, use AutoGuru! We can get quick online quotes from multiple repairers, it's super easy and transparent. 

When you drive, knowing your surroundings is a critical detail. You must be aware of any traffic, pedestrians, or cyclists beside you and in your blind spot.

Your side mirrors allow you to see anything near the sides of your car with just a simple glance out your side windows.

The reflective surface on your side mirrors must be properly positioned for the optimum viewing to either side. Manufacturers may offer either manual mirror adjustment or power mirror adjustment.

If the mirror glass is broken, the aerodynamic and protective housing is cracked or broken, or your mirrors will no longer adjust or hold their position, you’ll require side mirror replacement.

Your car may also be deemed unroadworthy if your side mirror is broken, and you could see yourself copping a fine!

What is a side mirror replacement?

All in all, replacing the side mirror is a simple task, consisting mainly of the labour to perform the service.

If the side mirror glass only is cracked or broken, it can be replaced on its own in most cases, saving valuable time and money. Replacement wing mirror glass will not cost as much as replacing the housing unit. 

If the housing is cracked but the mirror is still intact and adjustable, it may be alright to delay the repair a short time. However, when the time arrives to perform the side mirror replacement, it’s a complete mirror assembly that’s required.

If the mirror won’t adjust properly, won’t hold its adjustment, or the housing has been smashed from the side of your car, the whole mirror assembly will need to be replaced.

Symptoms a side mirror replacement is required

  • The side mirror assembly is hanging loose on the side of the car.
  • The power mirror adjustment is not working.
  • The side mirror glass is cracked, smashed, or missing.
Side mirror replacement cost

How is the side mirror replacement performed?

  • If just the glass is to be replaced, a technician uses a plastic trim tool to remove the broken mirror glass, then a new part simply snaps into place with gentle pressure.
  • For a complete side mirror assembly replacement, the technician locates the mounting bolts on the ‘A’ pillar or door assembly, depending on your make and model.
  • The mounting nuts are removed and the electrical connector is disconnected.
  • The new side mirror assembly is put in place, the electrical connector is reconnected, and the nuts are tightened.
  • The technician ensures the mirror is operating as it should and holds position.

Tips to remember

  • A side mirror replacement may require additional body work to mount properly if replacement is due to vandalism.
  • The side mirror assembly may need to be painted before installation, at an additional cost.
  • In many places, it’s against the law to drive without side mirrors, or with damaged side mirrors on your car.

Why it’s important to have your side mirror replacement performed

Aside from taking away from your car’s visual appeal, side mirrors are important for proper driving function.

You may be able to make do without a side mirror for a short time, but it could put you, other motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists in harm’s way needlessly. Cracked or smashed mirrors distort your view and can show you ‘phantom’ reflections.

Have your side mirror replacement performed as soon as possible after damage occurs.

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