Frequently Asked Questions

Is the price quoted, the price I will pay?

Yes, the price quoted is the price you’ll pay. You won’t pay a cent more and you’ll get exactly what’s listed in the inclusions.

And don’t worry, if there’s any additional work required, the mechanic will contact you and get your consent prior to starting.

You don’t pay anything until the service/repair is completed and you pick up the car.

Can I change my service date?

Sure, we get that things pop up. Just call our friendly team on 1300 655 661 and we’ll happily reschedule your booking.

Does the price include parts and labour?

Yes, all our pricing includes parts, labour and GST.

Is there a loan car available?

Some of our workshops do offer a loan car and/or a drop off service (up to 5km from the workshop).

Click Show Details on the workshop listing and scroll down to Facilities.

What's the difference between a basic service and a logbook service?

A basic service includes engine oil and engine oil filter change, as well as a general safety inspection and inspection of all fluids.

If minor quantities of fluids are required, the mechanic will top these up.

A logbook service is a series of scheduled tasks recommended by the vehicle manufacturer at certain time intervals. Every logbook service is different.

Will the mechanic stamp my logbook?

Absolutely, the mechanic will sign and stamp your logbook to meet manufacturer requirements.

They will sign off each task as it’s finished, and only stamp your logbook once all tasks specified by the manufacturer have been completed.

Will my warranty be affected if I book with one of your mechanics rather than the dealership?

Certified mechanical workshops and mobile mechanics are indeed qualified to carry out logbook servicing as per manufacturer’s specifications, without affecting a New Car Warranty.

Our mechanics are able to carry out logbook servicing, according to the manufacturer’s specifications, using quality parts and lubricants.

The mechanic will sign off each item and stamp your logbook once all tasks are completed and your warranty will remain unaffected.

Where can I find the inclusions for my service?

Once you’ve typed in all your details and submitted the quote request form, you’ll see a list of suitable mechanics in your area and their costs to carry out your car service.

You can view all the inclusions for your service by clicking the blue 'Service Inclusions' button at the top of the page.

Can the mechanic come to me?

Yes! Our network of mobile mechanics can come to your home or workplace to carry out vehicle inspections, car servicing and some minor repairs.

Go through the search process and when you come to the page listing mechanics in your area, click the “All Filters” button (top of page) and select “Mobile Mechanic” so that your search results feature only mobile mechanics servicing your area.

Can I get quotes for repairs and/or inspections?

You sure can! Simply type your inspection or repair job into the “Here are your quote details” section of the quote form (under +Repair or +Inspection buttons).

If your particular repair or inspection task isn’t listed under the common items tabs, type in your particular requirements in the “Describe what you need” box at the bottom of the section.

Should you have more than one repair or inspection task to quote, you can add more tasks by clicking the +Repair or +Inspection tabs.

Need a Rear Shock Absorber Replacement?

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How much does a Rear Shock Absorber Replacement Cost?


The shock absorbers are an integral component in your vehicle's suspension system.

Not only do they help absorb vibrations and bumps in the road so they aren’t transferred into the cabin, they also work with the suspension springs to keep your wheels and tyres on the road.If your shock absorbers are worn or leaking, not only will your journey be bumpy and uncomfortable, but other suspension and steering components may wear out and your vehicle may not handle as it should. Shock absorbers do wear out over time and need to be replaced if they are not doing their job correctly.

If your shock absorbers are worn or leaking, not only will your journey be bumpy and uncomfortable, but other suspension and steering components may wear out and your vehicle may not handle as it should.

Shock absorbers do wear out over time and need to be replaced if they are not doing their job correctly.

Rear Shock Absorber Replacement

What is a Shock Absorber?

A shock absorber is usually made up of a cylindrical container filled with a liquid or gas with a piston located in the centre.

When the vehicle travels over bumps, the piston compresses against the gas or liquid, which absorbs the bump without transferring the shock into the cabin.

The gas or liquid then returns the piston back to its rest position, ready for the next bump. 

Symptoms your Rear Shock Absorbers need Replacing

  • Bouncy or unstable ride
  • Tyres wearing unevenly
  • Braking distances increasing
  • Harsh impact when driving over bumps
Rear Shock Absorber replacement costs

How is this repair carried out?

  • The shock absorbers will be inspected and a ‘bounce’ test carried out
  • If they require replacing, the wheels will be removed and the old shock absorbers disconnected and discarded
  • The new shock absorbers will be fitted and the suspension and steering components inspected for wear or damage
  • The wheels will be refitted and the vehicle tested to ensure correct operation.

Tips to Remember

  • Shock absorbers should always be replaced in pairs, to make sure the vehicle handling remains stable and predictable.
  • If your shock absorbers are worn out or leaking, rapid and/or uneven wear of your tyres and other suspension and steering components may result, and stopping distances may increase – especially emergency stops in wet or slippery conditions.
  • An easy way to determine if your shock absorbers are worn out, is the ‘bounce’ test. This is a simple test to carry out. Push down on one corner of your vehicle, and if it continues to bounce after releasing, your shock absorbers are not working efficiently and replacement may be required.

How Important is replacing worn or failed shock absorbers?

The shock absorbers are responsible for eliminating most of the road vibration that is transferred through the body of the vehicle.

They also play a key role in keeping your wheels and tyres on the road at all times.

Having worn out or leaking shock absorbers can decrease the grip your tyres have on the road, increasing stopping distances - especially in emergency situations, and reduced traction and handling capabilities of your vehicle.

Having worn or leaking shock absorbers not only makes the ride of your vehicle uncomfortable but can also put you and other motorists in danger.

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