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How long will a car battery last?

The lead-acid battery is the most common type of car battery and will usually last from three to four years. However, as with any other hard-working vehicle component, there are elements that will impact its lifespan. These include environmental factors such as temperature and humidity, corrosion around the battery terminals, and the number of components and gadgets it may be expected to power.

Which car battery brand does AutoGuru recommend?

Here at AutoGuru, we recommend Century Batteries. Why? Because their car batteries are Aussie made to suit our local conditions, and they back them in with awesome warranties. Their car battery range comes with a minimum 30-month warranty, with their most popular model, the Ultra Hi Performance, coming with a massive 40 months! Not only that, but Century Batteries is the top car battery brand according to mechanics on!

How much does a car battery cost?

A straightforward, regular lead-acid battery for a small vehicle can be bought for around $150. A top-shelf AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) technology battery which can be used for modern vehicles with stop/start functionality can cost more than $500. It’s important to remember that you must use the right battery for your vehicle - the installation of the wrong battery can cause damage to a modern car’s electrical system.

Does the battery warning light mean I need a new battery?

The battery warning light, strictly speaking, is not an indication of the status of the battery. Rather, it is an indicator of a problem with the battery charging system. While the fault may indeed turn out to be the battery, the problem could also be down to loose wiring, a loose drive belt or, and this is the most likely suspect, the alternator.

Will driving my car recharge a flat battery?

No, you won’t be able to recharge your battery this way. The idea that a drive around the block or leaving your car idling will recharge the battery is nothing but a myth. The correct thing to do is use a battery charger system appropriate to the battery used in your car.

Will the battery go flat if I don't use my car?

Yes. Eventually. Batteries will naturally lose their charge if they are not used. Today’s cars do need a constant, though small, amount of power. Without it, onboard computers and control modules may lose their memory and security systems may be disabled.

Do I need a special battery for a vehicle fitted with a stop/start feature?

Yes. stop/start vehicles put extra load on the battery - it needs to provide power to other electrical components and be able to give the car a powerful kick to start again. A standard car battery cannot provide the capabilities required for the SSV system. A special type of battery, often an Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) battery, is required for an SSV vehicle.

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They didn’t do a diagnostic test like they said they would and I had engine warning lights showing. Also, they recommended a full replacement of my power steering pump but I fixed it with changing o-r...

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Their workshop was clean and tidy and organized which tells me that it would be great to look after my car's service as they probably won't miss or forget anything. Were honest and a reasonable price ...

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