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Average rating for Water pump replacement


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Average rating for Water pump replacement


4.6 • based on 325 reviews of 237 businesses

Water pump replacement

How much does a water pump cost?

Most modern vehicles (with the exception of electric only vehicles) are fitted with cooling systems to keep the engine temperature in check. They are made up of hoses, a radiator, a thermostat and a water pump. It is the water pumps job to circulate the coolant through the engine. If the water pump fails, coolant will not circulate through your radiator and your engine will overheat and possibly cause severe engine damage.

A water pump replacement starts at around $300 and can increase to $800+ if the timing belt or other components need to be removed to allow access to the water pump. 

What is a water pump?

The water pump is one of the main components that makes up the cooling system on your vehicle. It is usually made up of alloy or iron, and contains an impeller – which looks similar to a fan blade – which circulates, or pumps, coolant through the engine and back to the radiator. For the water pump to work, it needs to be driven, so they are usually mounted where they can be run by a drive belt, or more commonly, by the timing belt.

Symptoms that your water pump may need to be replaced

  • Vehicle leaking coolant onto the ground
  • Rattling noise emanating from the engine bay when engine running
  • Engine overheating
Water pump with timing belt attached

How the water pump is replaced

  • The cooling system is pressure tested and inspected for leaks
  • Remove components to allow access to the water pump
  • Remove and replace the water pump, and thermostat (if required)
  • Flush the cooling system to remove any debris
  • Refit components, and fill cooling system with new coolant
  • Bleed air out of cooling system
  • Test drive and re-inspect for any leaks

Tips to remember

  • When replacing the water pump, it is a good idea to replace the drive belt, timing belt/chain at the same time
  • The cooling system should be checked thoroughly when replacing the water pump, and replacing the thermostat may also be a good idea to prevent future issues

How important is replacing the water pump?

The water pump is responsible for circulating coolant through the engine block, to remove heat away from the combustion chamber and disperse it through the radiator. If the water pump is leaking or fails, the cooling system will fail and cause your engine to overheat. This can cause severe damage to the engine, and in many cases, will require major repairs to be carried out to return the vehicle to operational condition.

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