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Average rating for Manual gearbox wont go into desired gear

5.0 • based on 2 reviews of 2 businesses


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Average rating for Manual gearbox wont go into desired gear

5.0 • based on 2 reviews of 2 businesses

Manual gearbox wont go into desired gear

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What causes a gearbox to not be able to shift into the desired gear?

There are many reasons a gearbox could have trouble shifting into the desired gear, the most common are:- 

Clutch system - The clutch connects the engine of the vehicle to its wheels. And, when you press the clutch with the foot, it disconnects the engine. There are various different parts of the clutch. The pedal connects to a hydraulic system which includes a master cylinder and slave cylinder, the slave cylinder connects to a clutch fork which connects to the clutch and pressure plates. If any of these parts are not working correctly they can make it difficult to change into the desired gear.

Synchroniser ring  - The synchronizer ring makes it effortless to change gears if one of the teeth are damaged or malfunctioning it could make changing gears difficult

Gears - If the gears are damaged or not functioning properly 

Hub sleeve - The hub sleeve engages the gears and if it is not moving freely it could make it hard to shift. 

How to tell if you need your gearbox repaired

You could have trouble trying to shift into gear, there could be a whining noise or a clunking noise or in the case of the clutch, it could have a burning smell or it could be hard to push in.

Manual gearbox wont go into desired gear

Is it important to get the gearbox repaired?

If you don't get your gearbox repaired when you start to notice an issue you could lose drive completely or cause more internal damage.

How is the gearbox repaired?

Depending on whether its internal or external to the gearbox will make a difference of what's required for the repair and the cost. 


Tips to remember

  • Always remember to service your gearbox regularly as per the manufacturer's specifications.
  • Make sure you get the clutch fluid replaced as per manufacturer recommendations