Guidelines for ratings and comments

At AutoGuru, we're all about connecting you with great service providers in the automotive industry.

Help us create an environment in which you can help others by providing feedback on the job completed by the auto service provider.

We welcome your ratings and comments, but we do have some guidelines that we would like you to follow.

Only a customer who has processed or paid for a booking through and completed that booking with the service provider in question can leave a review. This allows us to verify that reviews on our platform come from genuine customers.

*Your* experience

Please ensure that your ratings and comments are a record of your recent (within 90 days) first-hand experience with the service provider, and not something from a long time ago, and not an experience of a family member or friend at the same service provider.

You will not be able to publish, update or edit your review once it has been more than 90 days since the date of your booking.

Reviews left on the AutoGuru platform must be reviewing your experience with the service provider and not your experience with AutoGuru or the booking process. To review your experience with the AutoGuru platform or booking process, please visit our Product Review, Trustpilot or Google review pages.

Each booking made via AutoGuru or Direct Supplier Customer who paid for their services with a Buy Now, Pay Later provider will be afforded the opportunity to make the one comment on your experience with the service provider.

The service provider will also be provided the option of one right of reply.

For bookings made via AutoGuru, if comments on your experience include details on tasks that were not added to the booking upon checkout, we may choose to not publish the review and contact you. The exception to this would be where you book in for an inspection via AutoGuru and then complete additional repairs related to that inspection directly with the service provider. These additional repairs can be included and will be published as long as they meet the community guidelines listed on this page.

In the event that a complimentary extra (such as a complimentary car wash or vacuum) was not provided and you have mentioned it in your review, we will first verify that you added the complimentary extra to your booking at the checkout. If we can see that you did not add the complimentary extra to your booking, you will need to remove any references to the extra from your review before it can be published.

Defamatory comments

In addition to keeping comments legal, we want all feedback to be constructive. The following will not be permitted under any circumstances:

  • Obscenity or vulgarity
  • Racial / ethnic slurs
  • Hate speech or prejudiced comments
  • Personal insults
  • Hostile comments and threatening language
  • Any comments that could be used to identify an individual

In an instance in which a defamatory comment is made in a review, although the review won't be published, customers will be given the opportunity to re-submit the review without defamatory comments.


No business names (other than the business being reviewed) email addresses, web addresses, phone numbers or other personal or identifiable information will be published.

Reviewers can choose to publish as 'anonymous', or, if they choose to allow us to connect their Facebook profile picture, only their first name will be shown. AutoGuru will not release anyone's personal contact information.

The full AutoGuru Privacy Policy is available to read here.

Moderating Reviews

We reserve the right to moderate comments, and will not publish any material that — in our judgment — does not comply with these guidelines.

We may also choose to edit some comments before publication, but only to correct typos, or to remove personal details as per the privacy section in these guidelines but we will not change the commenters' general opinion of their customer experience with the service provider.

If a review does not meet the community guidelines we reserve the right to reject the review which will notify the customer who will be afforded the opportunity to amend their review so it meets these community guidelines.

Service provider replies will also be moderated. Because the customer is reviewing the experience at the service provider, and not the booking process with AutoGuru, any mention of AutoGuru will be omitted.

Dispute resolution

In the event that a review is disputed by a service provider, we will conduct an investigation to ensure the events that are described in a review are correct and that no misleading information has been published.

This investigation may involve us contacting both the reviewer and service provider to provide evidence that supports the events in their review or dispute.

If a customer or service provider is uncontactable or refuses to cooperate during the review dispute resolution process, we reserve the right to either reject or accept the review at our sole discretion.


Please note that there may be a lag between when you post your comment, and when it is published. As all comments are moderated before being published, there may be a short delay, due to comments being posted outside AutoGuru business hours (night-time, weekends, Public Holidays, etc.).

Our goal

Our one goal in providing the opportunity to pass on feedback is to improve the customer experience for everyone – customers AND service providers alike.

We thank you for your business, and we appreciate the time you take to rate and comment on your experience with service providers on our platform.

The full Terms and Conditions of Use of the AutoGuru website is available to read here.