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Average rating for Ignition coil replacement


4.6 • based on 30 reviews of 30 businesses

Ignition coil replacement

How much does an ignition coil replacement cost?

Unless you drive a diesel car, the fuel in your engine’s cylinders is ignited by a hot, strong spark from spark plugs.

Spark plugs simply conduct the electricity necessary for such a spark, but the electrical power is sent from another component – the ignition coil.

Ignition coils aren’t a wearable item exactly, however, they are prone to failure occasionally.

Most ignition coils last the life of a vehicle while others may need to be changed at 100,000km or even sooner.

A typical cost for ignition coil replacement varies greatly, from around $200 to $400 or more, depending on the style of ignition coil and the vehicle’s design.

These electrical devices are quite durable, considering the extreme heat and constant use they endure!

What is an ignition coil?

Quite literally, coils of fine wire are utilised in the construction of an ignition coil. They create a magnetic field that takes a low voltage signal from the car and amplifies it into a much stronger charge – thousands of volts, in fact!

These coils are encased in dense rubber, plastic, or epoxy resin to prevent wasted electrical charge.

Some older vehicles have ignition coils mounted on the inner fender with high-tension leads, or spark plug wires, connecting to individual spark plugs.

Many modern car manufacturers use one ignition coil mounted directly atop each spark plug, eliminating unreliable high-tension leads as a fault point.

If the ignition coil is cracked, the spark can be partially or fully lost, and the spark plug won’t fire. That’s when ignition coil replacement is required.

Symptoms that you need ignition coil replacement

  • Check Engine Light is illuminated with misfire codes.
  • The engine runs rough, especially at idle.
  • Carbon tracking is noticeable on the ignition coil, indicating an electrical ‘leak’.
  • Higher fuel consumption as the engine compensates for an inefficient cylinder.
Ignition coil replacement cost

How is an ignition coil replaced?

  • The technician scans the OBD system to determine which cylinder’s ignition coil is faulty.
  • The ignition coil may be switched with another to determine if the ignition coil, in fact, needs to be replaced. If the engine code ‘follows’ the suspected coil, it needs to be changed.
  • The faulty coil is unseated from the spark plug or removed from its mounting location and the wiring connector is disconnected.
  • The new coil is installed and the wiring connected.
  • The technician scans the diagnostic system to ensure the fault has been corrected.

Tips to remember

  • Other conditions can mimic a faulty ignition coil, such as a cracked spark plug insulator or damaged wiring. Professional diagnosis eliminates guesswork that results in needless repairs.
  • Do not touch an ignition coil while the engine is running. Electrical shock can occur.

How important is replacing an ignition coil?

A faulty ignition coil won’t cause any additional damage in the short term. However, left uncorrected for a length of time, you could develop further issues in the emissions system from over fueling.

Most ignition coil replacements are a minor expense, so there’s little reason not to have a faulty ignition coil changed sooner rather than later.

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