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Average rating for Camshaft position sensor replacement


4.6 • based on 15 reviews of 14 businesses

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Average rating for Camshaft position sensor replacement


4.6 • based on 15 reviews of 14 businesses

Camshaft position sensor replacement

How much does a camshaft position sensor replacement cost?

Modern cars all have an electronic ignition system to control the engine’s operation, and a key component to make it work is the camshaft position sensor.

Using your car normally, the camshaft position sensor can often last an engines whole lifetime without requiring replacement.

However, it’s an electrical part, and unexpected failure is a possibility at any time, whether the car is new or getting on in years.

The average price to have the camshaft position sensor replaced begins around $220 and ranges up to $450 in most cases, depending on the make and model you drive.

Some cars have two camshafts, thus there are two camshaft position sensors. 

What is a camshaft position sensor?

A camshaft position sensor is a hall effect sensor, meaning it uses magnetic force to create an electronic signal.

The camshaft position sensor is installed by the front of the camshaft and monitors the position of a wheel attached to the shaft itself.

You’ll find most engines will have one camshaft position sensor for each camshaft, so a dual overhead cam engine will have two camshaft position sensors.

The sensor contains a magnet and solenoid windings inside and the body of the sensor is molded plastic.

A wiring harness connector transmits the camshaft position sensor signal to the Engine Control Module.

If the sensor reads erratically, is unresponsive, or is physically broken, it will need to be replaced.

Symptoms you require camshaft position sensor replacement

  • The engine turns over but won’t start
  • Frequent stalling when driving
  • The engine runs rough and burns more fuel than normal
  • The Check Engine light is illuminated
Camshaft position sensor replacement costs

How the camshaft position sensor is replaced

  • The technician performs an in-depth diagnosis with computerised equipment to determine the faulty camshaft position sensor
  • The bonnet is lifted and the battery is disconnected
  • The camshaft sensor retainer bolt is loosened, the wiring harness disconnected, and the sensor is removed
  • A new camshaft position sensor is fitted and the wiring reconnected
  • The Check Engine light is cleared by the technician and the engine is fired up
  • The technician monitors operation on the diagnostic tool to confirm the repair

Tips to remember

  • Many other causes have similar symptoms to a failed camshaft position sensor, so accurate diagnosis is a must

How important is camshaft position sensor replacement?

Getting your camshaft position sensor replaced when it has been determined that it is failing can eliminate worries while you drive your car.

If you decide to drive your car knowing that your camshaft position sensor needs to be replaced, you may be risking an accident of an annoying breakdown, often at the most inopportune time.

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Image credit: Teresa Trimm