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Average rating for Boot lock assembly replacement


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Average rating for Boot lock assembly replacement


4.5 • based on 2 reviews of 2 businesses

Boot lock assembly replacement

How to get your boot/tailgate lock assembly replaced

The easiest way to get your boot/tailgate lock replaced is to book it in with one of the fantastic mechanics on AutoGuru. We take all the hard work out of it and make the whole process as easy as possible.

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What is a boot/tailgate lock assembly

Your boot/tailgate lock assembly is the mechanism that allows you to lock, unlock and open your boot. It can be actuated with a key lock, a remote button/lever inside the car or as part of the central locking system on the key.

How to tell if you need a boot lock assembly replacement

Generally your boot/Tailgate will just fail to open one day, but it could start to work intermittently.
If it starts to take a while to open with either of the vehicle's options to open the boot, it's highly recommended to have it looked at by a professional. If it does fail you might not be able to open the boot. Some vehicles have a manual failsafe/backup on the inside of the boot so you can open it but it's not available on all vehicles.


Boot lock assembly replacement

How is the boot lock assembly replaced?

Generally, the boot will either be unable to be opened or it will be hard to open and will most likely be not too far away from staying shut completely, this could make days shopping, weekends away or fitting the kids' stuff in the car very difficult. It's also easy to forget if you don't use it a lot and the next time you do go to use it with a trolley full of shopping could end up being a frustrating experience, to say the least.

How is the boot lock assembly replaced

The boot/tailgate will need to be opened manually and the trim removed from inside the tail gate/boot lid, from there the boot lock assembly can usually be accessed. It will then need to be unplugged or the cable will need to be disconnected (or both) and from there it can be unbolted and removed.

Tips to remember

There are other reasons the boot won't open, these could be

  • The key lock barrel has malfunctioned
  • The cable could have come loose or has stretched
  • The key fob is going flat/ is flat
  • The boot was closed with something in the way and is jammed

It's important to have it checked first and diagnosed by a professional to ensure the correct repair is carried out.