Clutch master cylinder replacement

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Average rating for Clutch master cylinder replacement


4.7 • based on 37 reviews of 35 businesses

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Average rating for Clutch master cylinder replacement


4.7 • based on 37 reviews of 35 businesses

Clutch master cylinder replacement

How much does a clutch master cylinder replacement cost?

On a manual transmission, the clutch pedal must be pressed in order to shift gears and the clutch master cylinder is an important part to make that happen.

During normal driving, the clutch master cylinder may last a car’s lifetime.

Occasionally, however, the clutch master cylinder can unexpectedly fail or develop wear, which requires replacement.

For many cars, the average price to replace the clutch master cylinder is between $350 and $500, although some special and high-performance models could be much higher.

It’s much more common for the clutch master cylinder to need replacement if the car has been sitting for several months or years undriven. 

What is a clutch master cylinder?

A clutch master cylinder is a component that converts the mechanical force of pressing the clutch pedal into hydraulic force instead, which is used to operate the clutch system.

The clutch master cylinder is located at the driver’s side of the engine bay, typically opposite the firewall from the clutch pedal.

When the clutch pedal is pressed, a rod in the clutch master cylinder forces a piston forward, creating pressure in a hose that feeds the clutch slave cylinder.

The clutch master cylinder is machined into a cylinder with a small fluid reservoir mounted atop.

The piston inside has a seal that prevents fluid from leaking past.

If the bore of the cylinder wears or the seal no longer holds pressure properly, the clutch master cylinder must be replaced.

Symptoms that your clutch master cylinder needs replacing

  • The clutch pedal has a ‘chatter’ feeling when pressed
  • The clutch fluid is low or dirty
  • It’s difficult to shift gears
Clutch master cylinder replacement cost

How is the clutch master cylinder replaced?

  • The bonnet it lifted and the clutch master cylinder fluid condition and operation is inspected
  • The clutch fluid line is disconnected and the clutch master cylinder is unbolted from the car
  • A new clutch master cylinder is fitted, the fluid line is attached, and the reservoir is filled with new, clean fluid
  • The clutch system is bled of air
  • The technician performs a road test to confirm clutch operation

Tips to remember

  • A worn clutch or broken pressure plate can exhibit similar symptoms to a failing clutch master cylinder
  • The clutch fluid should always be topped up using the correct fluid indicated by the manufacturer. Incorrect fluid can damage seals and cause premature failure.

How important is replacing your clutch master cylinder?

If your clutch master cylinder isn’t working as it should, driving your car will be more difficult than usual.

It will be frustrating to shift gears, especially when trying to drive away from a stop.

Having your clutch master cylinder replaced can restore your faith in your car and make it easier to once again drive and shift gears.

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