Frequently Asked Questions

Is the price quoted, the price I will pay?

Yes, the price quoted is the price you’ll pay. You won’t pay a cent more and you’ll get exactly what’s listed in the inclusions.

And don’t worry, if there’s any additional work required, the mechanic will contact you and get your consent prior to starting.

You don’t pay anything until the service/repair is completed and you pick up the car.

Can I change my service date?

Sure, we get that things pop up. Just call our friendly team on 1300 655 661 and we’ll happily reschedule your booking.

Does the price include parts and labour?

Yes, all our pricing includes parts, labour and GST.

Is there a loan car available?

Some of our workshops do offer a loan car and/or a drop off service (up to 5km from the workshop).

Click Show Details on the workshop listing and scroll down to Facilities.

What's the difference between a basic service and a logbook service?

A basic service includes engine oil and engine oil filter change, as well as a general safety inspection and inspection of all fluids.

If minor quantities of fluids are required, the mechanic will top these up.

A logbook service is a series of scheduled tasks recommended by the vehicle manufacturer at certain time intervals. Every logbook service is different.

Will the mechanic stamp my logbook?

Absolutely, the mechanic will sign and stamp your logbook to meet manufacturer requirements.

They will sign off each task as it’s finished, and only stamp your logbook once all tasks specified by the manufacturer have been completed.

Will my warranty be affected if I book with one of your mechanics rather than the dealership?

Certified mechanical workshops and mobile mechanics are indeed qualified to carry out logbook servicing as per manufacturer’s specifications, without affecting a New Car Warranty.

Our mechanics are able to carry out logbook servicing, according to the manufacturer’s specifications, using quality parts and lubricants.

The mechanic will sign off each item and stamp your logbook once all tasks are completed and your warranty will remain unaffected.

Where can I find the inclusions for my service?

Once you’ve typed in all your details and submitted the quote request form, you’ll see a list of suitable mechanics in your area and their costs to carry out your car service.

You can view all the inclusions for your service by clicking the blue 'Service Inclusions' button at the top of the page.

Can the mechanic come to me?

Yes! Our network of mobile mechanics can come to your home or workplace to carry out vehicle inspections, car servicing and some minor repairs.

Go through the search process and when you come to the page listing mechanics in your area, click the “All Filters” button (top of page) and select “Mobile Mechanic” so that your search results feature only mobile mechanics servicing your area.

Can I get quotes for repairs and/or inspections?

You sure can! Simply type your inspection or repair job into the “Here are your quote details” section of the quote form (under +Repair or +Inspection buttons).

If your particular repair or inspection task isn’t listed under the common items tabs, type in your particular requirements in the “Describe what you need” box at the bottom of the section.

Should you have more than one repair or inspection task to quote, you can add more tasks by clicking the +Repair or +Inspection tabs.

Need a Fuel Filter Replacement?

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How Much does a Fuel Filter Replacement Cost?


The injectors on many modern-day vehicles operate on incredibly small tolerances to provide the best fuel economy possible while providing the performance necessary to drive the vehicle day-to-day.

Any small dirt or debris in the fuel could throw a spanner in the works and cause the injectors to not operate correctly. This is where the fuel filter comes in.

Located either inside the fuel tank or in the fuel line before the fuel rail, it’s the fuel filters job to do just that – filter the fuel before it reaches the fuel injectors.

As with the other filters located around the car, the fuel filter needs to be replaced at the recommended manufacturers intervals to keep the vehicle operating at its optimum efficiency. 

Replacing the fuel filter can cost between $120 and $400 depending on the location of the filter.

Fuel Filter Replacement

What is a Fuel Filter?

Fuel Filters come in many forms, ranging from small plastic cylinders that are connected into the fuel line up to large alloy housings with multiple fittings, depending on the fuel system.

Most fuel filters contain a paper or cardboard filtration element which catches contaminants and particles as the fuel passes through it, stopping them from entering the sensitive fuel injectors.

Symptoms you may need your Fuel Filter Replaced

  • Increased fuel consumption
  • Lack of power when accelerating
  • Check engine light or water in fuel light (diesel vehicles only) is on
Fuel Filter Replacement

How is the Fuel Filter Replaced?

  • The fuel filter will be located on the vehicle and inspected
  • The fuel pressure will be relieved from the system
  • The old filter will be disconnected and removed and a new one fitted
  • The fuel system will be reconnected, and the vehicle run and inspected for leaks and correct operation

Tips to Remember

  • Many newer vehicles incorporate the fuel pump and fuel filter assemblies in one unit, located inside the fuel tank itself. Many of these filters are not replaceable, and the ones that are can be quite labour intensive to replace – these filters usually have a longer operational life (around 80,000km) between changes.
  • On a diesel vehicle, the fuel filter is one of the most critical components in keeping the vehicle running at its best. Diesel fuel injectors are highly sensitive to water and algae that can grow in the fuel tank, and particles the size of 10 microns (less than half the size of a single human hair!) can cause fuel injector issues if not filtered correctly. The Diesel fuel system will also need to be primed after replacing the fuel filter, to remove any air from the system.

How Important is Replacing your Fuel Filter?

The fuel filter is responsible for removing any dirt, debris or contamination from the fuel that enters your engine.

Without it, harmful debris would be allowed to enter the engine and would cause expensive damage to the sensitive fuel injectors as well as other engine components. 


Image credit: Diego Torres Silvestre

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