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Average rating for Car bumper repair


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Average rating for Car bumper repair


4.0 • based on 11 reviews of 9 businesses

Car bumper repairs

What is a bumper repair?

A bumper repair is generally needed after the front or rear bumper on your car has come into contact with something, causing damage. Now, the damage can vary significantly, depending on what you came in contact with, how it was hit and how fast your car was going when contact was made.

The aim of a bumper repair is to remove all signs of the damage, thus restoring your bumper as close as possible back to original condition.

Typically, bumpers, whether they be front or rear, are made of hard plastic, meaning they’re much cheaper to repair than metal panels such as doors, bonnets or boots. The downside of this is that they are more fragile and prone to damage.

How to tell if your bumper needs to be repaired

If your bumper is showing signs of damage, whether it be a scratch, dent or worse, a bumper repair can be justified. However, whether you go ahead and repair your bumper or not is completely up to you. If you can live with the visible scratches, marks or dents, there is no downside of leaving them unrepaired, except for the physical appearance.

How important is it to repair a damaged bumper?

The only time you will really need to get your bumper repaired is if it has been damaged to the point where there are bits and pieces hanging off or not secure. These will need to be repaired to avoid parts of your bumper flying off whilst you’re on the road, potentially causing more damage to your car, not to mention other road users.

Certain damage could cause your car to become unroadworthy. If this happens, and you're caught driving by the Police, you could face fines and have your car taken off the road until the problem is fixed. 

You'll need to be careful with your insurance as well. If you get into another accident with your car that is deemed to be unroadworthy, you could void your insurance. 

Bumper repair

How is a bumper repaired?

Bumper repair technicians are highly-skilled and are well trained to be able to restore your bumper back to near original condition. When your bumper gets repaired, the repairer will most likely follow a process similar to this;

  • The damaged area will be sanded back, removing a small layer off the surface of the bumper
  • The sanded area will be cleaned
  • The surface will be prepared with primer, or if required, body filler
  • Primer/filler will be applied in even coats
  • Area will be sanded again
  • Area will be cleaned again
  • Area will be re-painted to match the colour of the bumper

For serious damage, such as damage resulting from a big accident, a bumper replacement may be required.

How much does a bumper repair cost?

The cost of your bumper repair will vary depending on the damage. For example, a small surface scratch won’t cost as much to repair as a smash or dent repair. Before carrying out any work, the repairer will be able to provide a quote on how much the repairs will cost. Worst case scenario, they might only be able to provide an estimate, but at least you will still have an indication of the potential cost.

In the most extreme cases, it may cheaper to replace the bumper entirely. 

Where can you get your bumper repaired?

There are many specialist bumper repair businesses dotted around, a quick search will most likely provide multiple high-quality options. Lucky for you, there are even mobile bumper repair businesses, making it truly convenient to get your bumper repaired.

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