Fuel injector clean

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Average rating for Fuel injector clean


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Average rating for Fuel injector clean


4.4 • based on 19 reviews of 15 businesses

Fuel injector clean

What is a fuel injector clean?

Fuel injectors are a device that sprays atomised fuel, with precise timing, into an internal combustion engine.

They are used on diesel and most petrol engines and there are multiple injectors per vehicle.

Like most things in life, there isn’t just one type of system, there can be various setups, but no matter the type of injector system, they all have the same pivotal role which is maintaining precise air-fuel-ratio for clean and optimal engine combustion.

Unfortunately, fuel isn’t always as clean as we would like it to be and fuel residue contaminants can build up inside the fuel system.

Fuel filters can only do so much and over time fuel contaminants can build up and clog fuel injectors.

When this happens they will need to be cleaned or replaced.

It’s a good idea to clean the injectors now and again, to keep the system running smoothly.

How do you know your fuel injectors need cleaning?

Car’s usually give off hints when something is wrong.

These usually start off subtle so be aware of little changes.

When contaminants build up over time in fuel injectors the signs can also be gradual, so watch out for these:

  • Rough or uneven idle
  • Hesitation on acceleration
  • Increased fuel consumption
  • Engine stutter as your driving
  • Not all cylinders are firing
  • Increased emissions and exhaust smoke
  • Difficulty in starting

How important is it to have fuel injectors cleaned?

When a fuel injector is not working correctly it affects the air-fuel ratio which in turn can affect and damage the engine.

A dirty injector left unfixed will build up residue and eventually fail completely.

When this happens you’re likely to be up for a completely new set of fuel injectors.

If one fails the others are probably not far behind so you will be recommended to replace all of them, which is costly. It’s best practice to keep them clean for better fuel economy, smoother driving and reliability.

fuel injector

How are fuel injectors cleaned?

It’s always best to get on top of a potential issue early. If your fuel injectors haven’t been cleaned recently then it might be time to do it and bust those contaminants out.

There are various methods to clean fuel injectors from pour in fuel tank additives to fuel injector cleaning kits and on car purpose-built injector cleaning machines. The most effective method is removing the fuel injectors, for off-car cleaning.

A mechanic may start out with a pour in-tank fuel injector cleaner which is added into the fuel tank and mixes with the fuel. This is run through the fuel system cleaning as it goes through.

If that doesn’t work then the mechanic will choose to continue with an onboard clean or remove the injectors all together. Removing the fuel injectors allows the injectors to have a thorough chemical clean, be functionality tested and will ensure they are working effectively.

The car will be off the road and the off car method does incur a higher cost however it is the most effective way to rectify the problem.

How much does a fuel injector clean cost?

It’s always best to get the professionals to do it.

Just ask your mechanic if the fuel injectors need cleaning and they will either add a fuel cleaner into your next service or see if a more thorough clean is required.

It may cost around $50 to $200 depending on the vehicle type and any issues that could arise. Each situation is different so you may find the cost either lower or higher than this.

Keep in mind that cleaning isn’t always a foolproof plan and you might still need to replace all the fuel injectors if they have failed completely.

Where can you get fuel injectors cleaned?

It is recommended to have your mechanic carry out a fuel injector clean.

They can do this as part of a service and mechanics have experience on what type of cleaner works best, including how much cleaner needs to be added and what operations need to be performed to get the cleaner through the fuel system effectively.

If you have a major fuel injector issue then it’s best to book in a fuel injector clean or inspection with an experienced fuel system technician on AutoGuru, where you can book and compare the best local mechanics.