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Average rating for Radiator top hose replacement


4.8 • based on 17 reviews of 17 businesses

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Average rating for Radiator top hose replacement


4.8 • based on 17 reviews of 17 businesses

Radiator top hose replacement

How much does a radiator top hose replacement cost?

The cooling system is the primary defense for the engine against extreme heat, and the radiator top hose is just one of the many important pieces that keep engine coolant circulating.

In normal operation, the radiator top hose will deteriorate due to time and heat, and will need to be replaced when it gets soft or springs a leak.

The radiator hoses usually last at least five years before requiring replacement, and often longer, depending on the driving you do and if maintenance is performed regularly.

On average, the cost for radiator top hose replacement starts at $225 and up to $350, although some models can be considerably more.

In climates that experience extreme heat, radiator hoses may need to be replaced more frequently. 

What is a radiator top hose?

The inlet at the top of your radiator is fed by coolant from your engine, and the two are connected by a section of rubber hose.

Depending on the make and model, the top hose may be located on either the driver’s or passenger side of the engine compartment.

Hot coolant flows from the engine into the radiator where the hot fluid is cooled by air passing through the radiator.

Radiator hoses must be strong enough to handle temperature fluctuations and pressure, yet remain flexible.

They are formed from synthetic rubber material and reinforced with woven cotton, nylon, or Kevlar strands for strength.

The synthetic rubber may swell if oil is spilt on it, or the hose may collapse or crack if it deteriorates.

Once the radiator top hose no longer holds its shape, collapses, or leaks, it needs to be replaced.

Symptoms you require radiator top hose replacement

  • Radiator hose collapses flat or doesn’t return to its original shape when squeezed
  • The hose has cracks and leaks coolant
  • The engine temperature sporadically rises higher than normal
Radiator top hose replacement costs

How is the radiator top hose replaced?

  • The technician opens the bonnet and identifies the failing radiator hose
  • The coolant is drained from the radiator
  • The radiator hose clamps are removed from the radiator side and the engine side
  • The old radiator top hose is removed and a new one is fitted with new clamps
  • The cooling system is filled, bled of air, and the engine is run to confirm the repair

Tips to remember

  • What may seem like a faulty thermostat may actually be a bad radiator hose, which is why proper diagnosis by a technician is important
  • While changing the radiator top hose, it’s a good time to have the cooling system flushed and refilled with clean coolant

How important is radiator top hose replacement?

Having the radiator top hose replaced when it’s deemed to be in poor condition will give the peace of mind you want to be sure of your car’s good operating condition every time you drive.

Operating your car with a radiator top hose that is worse for wear could lead to a coolant leak or your engine overheating, which could be an expensive and frustrating inconvenience.

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