Oil return hose replacement

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Oil return hose replacement

How to get your oil return hose replaced

The easiest way to get your turbocharger replaced is to book it in with a fantastic mechanic on AutoGuru, we take all the hard work out of it and make the whole process as easy as possible.

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What causes an oil return hose not to work?

A turbocharger operates at very high temperatures, it therefore needs a lot of oil circulated through it to lubricate the moving parts and for cooling purposes. There is a dedicated supply hose to supply oil to the turbocharger and a return line that returns the oil back to the sump once it has circulated through the turbocharger.

How to tell if you need your oil return hose needs to be repaired

Common symptoms of a failing oil return hose include cracks or bulges on the hoses and visible oil leaking from the car.

Oil return hose replacement

Is it important to get your oil return hose repaired?

If you don't replace your oil return line when you notice it starting to crack, bulge or leak it could eventually cause the oil to leak out of the engine and cause irreparable internal damage to your engine and turbo.

How is the oil return hose replaced?

Generally it is just a matter of locating the hose and replacing it with a new one, the oil will also have to be topped up if any was lost while replacing the hose.

Tips to remember

Some tips to help if you think there might be an issue

  • Make sure to get your vehicle in for repair as soon as you notice an issue
  • It's generally a good idea to get all your other hoses at the same time
  • Make sure you get your hoses checked each service