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AutoGuru offers windscreen replacement and repairs throughout Australia. You can select a provider in your local area, whether it's a windscreen replacement, windscreen chip repair or mobile windscreen repairs. Convenience is a key feature of AutoGuru in that it allows the customer to very easily research, compare prices and book, based on their local car windscreen providers who are registered with the site.

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Will my car insurance cover a damaged windscreen?

Comprehensive car insurance coverage should include repairing or replacing your windscreen. It may also be an optional extra on non-comprehensive policies. It’s best to check with your insurer to see if your windscreen is covered.

How much does a windscreen repair cost?

Fixing a minor chip in a windscreen could cost less than $100 and be a relatively quick job. A major fix or replacement on one of today’s high-tech cars could cost upwards of $2000. So, what you’ll pay depends on what the job is and the make and model of your vehicle.

Can I stop a windscreen crack from spreading?

There is no magic cure-all for a chip or a crack. Some may remain small for hundreds of kilometres, some may spread quickly. Those ‘tricks’ you might have heard about – like using ‘super’ glues and clear nail polish – won’t last forever, especially in the heat of an Australian summer.

How soon after a windscreen replacement or repair can I drive my car?

Some companies may say you will be good to go within 30 minutes of installation. Others will recommend a wait of two hours or more. The best bet is to double-check with the technician before taking your car out for a drive. The difference depends on the type of adhesive used and how long it takes to cure, as well as the weather.

Is it illegal to drive with a cracked/chipped windscreen?

While a minor crack or a chip - say smaller than a $2 coin - may not be an issue and can be repaired, anything larger could mean a car is unroadworthy and therefore illegal to drive. The area swept by the windscreen wipers should always be clean and clear.

Any chips or cracks, big or small, in the Critical Vision Area of a car’s windscreen - 90mm from the top of the screen to 65mm from the bottom - may become an issue.

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