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Average rating for Fog light replacement


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Average rating for Fog light replacement


4.3 • based on 3 reviews of 3 businesses

Fog light replacement

Fog light replacement cost

When weather conditions are just right, it can cause water droplets to hang around in the air and form fog. Driving through that soupy mist is not pleasant and should you find yourself doing so, make sure your headlights are set to low beam and turn the fog lights on.

If you notice that the fog lights aren’t working, then you will need to get them replaced. An AutoGuru auto electrician will be able to check to see if it is the bulb or a problem with the whole light assembly. If the whole assembly needs to be replaced it could cost you around $80 to $300 depending on your make and model.

Fog lights are useful not only in fog but in intense and heavy rainfall or when conditions are smoky or dusty.

What is a fog light?

Factory-fitted fog lights often come in pairs and are moulded into the front and rear bumper of a vehicle at a lower point than the main lights. They will typically have LED or HID white bulbs fitted within the light assembly and are protected from road debris and moisture by glass or plastic. On the rear of a vehicle, the bulb is screened by a red reflective cover so other drivers can identify the rear of a vehicle. Some fog light constructions will incorporate the drive lights within the same unit.

Fog lights are designed to illuminate the road at a lower angle to normal headlights. Better penetration of the foggy conditions is achieved this way as light projected straight ahead reflects back off the fog making visibility even worse.

The vehicle will have a switch within the dash - typically next to the light switch - that allows the driver to activate the front and rear fog lights.

Symptoms that a fog light needs to be replaced

  • Light doesn’t work
  • Intermittent operation
Fog light replacement

How is a fog light replaced?

  • Access fog light. Panels may need to be removed to access unit
  • Unclick unit from the power source
  • Remove fog light assembly
  • Fit new fog light
  • Connect to the power source
  • Refit panels if required
  • Test operation

Tips to remember

Have a professional check the fog light is faulty, and it is not an electrical problem.

Make sure the replacement fog light is road legal and able to be used on your vehicle. It is best to replace with a comparable fog light compatible with your vehicle.

It is illegal to have your front or rear fog lights on when visibility is good. You can be fined if the fog lights remain on after the adverse weather conditions have cleared, so remember to turn them off.

How important is replacing a fog light?

You never know when a wall of fog might appear so it’s best to be ready for the unexpected. Fog has played a role in many accidents and having your vehicle’s lighting system working correctly will help to ensure you make it through to the other side.