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Average rating for Brake light switch replacement


4.7 • based on 18 reviews of 17 businesses

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Average rating for Brake light switch replacement


4.7 • based on 18 reviews of 17 businesses

Brake light switch replacement

Brake light switch replacement cost

If you are getting a few honks and hostile people passing you on the road, maybe it’s because your brake lights are not working. It is common for a brake light bulb to blow now and again, but for all your vehicle’s brake bulbs to blow at once is definitely not typical.

If they do, this will be due to an electrical fault, usually from a faulty relay, fuse or switch. This can put you in a dangerous position on the road, especially if you need to brake suddenly with other drivers behind you.

Once a professional has identified it’s the brake light switch that is faulty, it will need to be replaced quick smart. To do so will cost around $60 to $250 depending on your vehicle make and model.

This is a fairly straightforward task and shouldn’t take any longer than an hour to perform, depending on how difficult it is to access the switch on your vehicle.

What is a brake light switch

The brake light switch is an electrical device located in the driver's footwell. It can be found attached to the top bracket mount of the brake pedal mechanism.

It has a one or two-way switch and connects into the vehicle’s wiring. It has a button/rod at the end which manually contracts and extends.

When the brake pedal is pushed in, this action releases the brake light switch which in turn signals the circuit to activate the brake lights.

In some vehicles that utilise vehicle stability control, push-button start and anti-lock braking systems (ABS), a faulty brake light switch can cause issues with these systems.

A faulty switch may also mean you won’t be able to get out of park if you have an automatic transmission.

Symptoms the brake light switch needs replacing

  • No brakes lights are working
  • Damaged switch
  • ABS warning light illuminating on the dash
  • The switch keeps sticking or is faulty
  • Brake lights stay on continuously
Brake light switch replacement

How is the brake light switch replaced

  • Brake switch located in the footwell
  • Panels/obstacles necessary to access switch are removed
  • Wiring plug unclipped
  • Switch removed
  • Old and new switch compared
  • New switch fitted
  • Panels replaced
  • Switch function tested

Tips to remember

The brake light switch needs to be fitted and adjusted to the correct length before tightening in place. Making sure the switch pushes in when the brake pedal is released.

Remember to check brake light fuses and relays before considering if it is the brake light switch that is faulty. Arrange an inspection with an AutoGuru expert to confirm it’s the brake light switch.

How important is replacing the brake light switch?

Without brake lights, you run the risk of having an accident or receiving a fine.

Get it fixed immediately or park your car in the garage until you have time to do so. Don’t drive without those red lights blazing in the rear.