Throttle body clean

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Average rating for Throttle body clean


4.2 • based on 19 reviews of 19 businesses

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Average rating for Throttle body clean


4.2 • based on 19 reviews of 19 businesses

Throttle body clean

What is a throttle body clean?

The throttle body can be found in the engine bay, it’s part of the air intake system on fuel injected vehicles.

Air from outside of the vehicle is directed via tubes and flows through the air filter, into the throttle body, where it is then drawn into the intake manifold.

The air then gets mixed with fuel and ignited, creating the combustion required to power the vehicle.

The throttle body controls how much air is drawn into the engine, working in tandem with the driver's accelerator demands.

Inside the throttle body is a plate and valve system that opens and closes in response to acceleration and deceleration. This operation works manually or by sensors.

The ECU determines how much air enters the engine and in turn how much fuel is required to create optimal air-fuel mixture for best combustion.

Since the air-fuel ratio is important in keeping your engine running smoothly, the throttle body needs to be kept clean.

If it gets built up with dirt and grime it could stick open or closed and airflow is impeded.

You might be surprised just how dirty it can get.

How to tell if you need a throttle body clean

If the throttle body is dirty you may notice these signs that it’s time to have it cleaned:

  • Engine stall
  • Rough idle
  • Hesitation on acceleration
  • Overall poor performance

How important is it to get a throttle body clean?

Car drivability is important and getting the right air flow is of vital importance for the engine.

A throttle body clean should be considered a regular preventative maintenance task and carried out at regular intervals, before buildup becomes an issue.

Throttle body clean

How is a throttle body clean carried out?

Cleaning the throttle body involves spraying a designated throttle body cleaner into the throttle body and brushing it clean.

It is always recommended that a professional carry out car maintenance to ensure it is done right, without creating any damage.

A mechanic will:

  • Locate and access the throttle body
  • Disconnect tubes & the main air duct from the throttle body
  • Inspect throttle body to determine if it needs to be removed or leave on car
  • Spray the throttle body cleaner inside the throttle body and use a brush to dislodge any dirt and grime.
  • Once the throttle body is clean, they will check gaskets, clips and air intake tubes for damage
  • Everything will be refitted back together
  • Engine started and vehicle operation checked

How much does a throttle body clean cost?

Cleaners can vary in price and it’s best to get a professional mechanic to do a throttle body clean, this can cost up to a hundred dollars or more depending on accessibility to the throttle body, vehicle type and how dirty the throttle body is.

If it’s really dirty, they might need to remove the throttle body from the vehicle, for a more thorough clean.

Where can you get a throttle body clean?

Ideally you want a professional mechanic to carry out a throttle body clean. An automotive service centre or mobile mechanic will be able to do this job. The best place to find local mechanics to book a throttle body clean is through AutoGuru.