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What is Paintless Dent removal?

By Joel Ilton


What types of paint are used on cars?

By Jonathan Nash

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How do I keep my paint in good condition?

Whenever possible, keep your vehicle undercover and away from constant sunlight. Wash it once a month or more often. If it is dirty wash the dirt off as soon as possible. Bird and bat droppings, leaves and sand can eat into the paintwork, so get rid of them quickly. Consider applying paint protection to your vehicle.

How much body damage will cause my car to be written off?

If you’re driving a spankingly new high-value car and crunch a front quarter panel and bend the bonnet, a repair will be most likely. If, however, you smack a low-value car into a guard rail, lose the front bumper, a quarter panel, and bend the bonnet, then the insurance company is likely to write it off. It will be up to the insurance companies discretion.

Can I remove dents without going to a body shop?

As with all things DIY, the end result may not be perfect and a trip to your local repairer would ensure the job is done right. Smallish dents can be removed by either pushing out (if you can get in behind the dent), suctioned out (using some sort of plunger or another suction device) or through the application of heat.

How can I tell if a paint job is bad?

Things to look for;

  • Different panels not matching in colour
  • Drips and runs in the finished job
  • Paint on components on which there should be none. (Exhaust, trimming, light covers)

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Rosedale Auto Service

starstarstarstarstar   5 • 14 July 2023

I went here for a last minute rego check as I was unable to get a booking with my regular mechanic. Service was friendly and quick. They replaced my broken rear number plate light for $20, which I t...

Brisbane Direct Smash Repair and Mechanical

starstarstarstarstar   5 • 22 August 2023

Fast and easy, great service upon arrival.

RCP Automotive Studio

starstarstarstarstar   5 • 21 October 2023

Absolutely amazing service, great communication and professionalism with every interaction with them. Would recommend.

SM Auto Repair Centre

starstarstarstarstar   5 • 15 June 2023

Brilliant! Very accommodating team and professional service. Very trustworthy.

Sparco Auto Parts & Tyres

starstarstarstarstar   5 • 4 August 2023

Scotty and the team went above and beyond. Appreciate all the help they provided. Will definitely be spreading around the great local business you guys are. Cheers, Ash.

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