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Average rating for Manual selector cable replacement


5.0 • based on 2 reviews of 2 businesses

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Average rating for Manual selector cable replacement


5.0 • based on 2 reviews of 2 businesses

Manual selector cable replacement

How much does a manual selector cable replacement cost?

The manual selector cables are what transmit the movement of the gear selector to the manual transmission. Attaching to specially designed selectors with rubber bushes, this movement selects the correct gear in the transmission according to the driver's preference.

Over time and thousands of gear changes, these cables and bushes can wear out causing failure. When this happens, the vehicle will get ‘stuck’ in a certain gear and the cables will need to be replaced.

Manual selector cables are common on front-wheel drive vehicles, and replacement can often be difficult due to the layout of the engine bay. Replacement costs start around $300 and can increase to $600 and above, depending on how the cables are routed.

What are manual selector cables?

The manual selector cables are, as their name suggests, cables. They typically come in pairs to allow movement front and back as well as side to side - as this movement is needed to shift between gears in the transmission. Selector cables are typically made of steel wrapped in a protective covering to stop heat and other contaminants causing corrosion.

The cables attach to the gear selector inside the cabin via rubber bushes and they pass through the vehicles firewall into the engine bay. The are attached to specially designed selectors on the transmission, and adjusters are provided to allow for cable stretch.

Symptoms your manual selector cables require replacing

  • Unable to select gears
  • Transmission stuck in one gear
  • Manual gear selector moves with no resistance
Manual selector cable replacement

How are manual selector cables replaced?

  • The technician will identify the issue
  • The centre console and gear selector will be removed to allow access to the cables
  • The cables will be disconnected from inside the car
  • The technician will move into the engine bay, removing covers off the transmission to allow access to
  • The cable mounting points
  • The cables will be disconnected from the transmission and removed
  • The new cables will be attached to the transmission and passed through into the cabin of the vehicle
  • The new cables will be attached to the gear selector and the centre console refitted
  • The cables will be adjusted as needed
  • The vehicle will be tested to ensure correct operation

Tips to remember

  • If the rubber bushes in the ends of the cables have perished, the technician may only need to replace them instead of the whole cable
  • If your vehicle is stuck in neutral, chock the wheels and make sure the park brake is on to prevent it from rolling away

How important is replacing failed manual selector cables?

Gears that cannot be selected properly is a problem that will need to be rectified as soon as possible to limit any potential damage to the transmission or clutch assembly.

You could be left stranded or cause an accident if the cables fail suddenly. Have the manual selector cables replaced with an AutoGuru technician as soon as possible to ensure safe motoring for you and your family.