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Average rating for Torque converter seal replacement


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Average rating for Torque converter seal replacement


4.2 • based on 4 reviews of 4 businesses

Torque converter seal replacement

How much does a torque converter seal replacement cost?

The automatic transmission is a staple of the automotive industry as more and more manufacturers move away from the once popular manual transmission.

One of the main components that allows the automatic transmission to operate is the torque converter.

This is a fluid-filled component that directs the transmission fluid according to the drive conditions and allows the vehicle to come to a stop without stalling.

It is connected to the ring gear of the engine and attaches to the input shaft of the automatic transmission. This connection is sealed via the torque converter seal.

This seal prevents the automatic transmission fluid from leaking out of the join between the input shaft and torque converter and also prevents any dirt and debris entering the sensitive internals of the transmission.

This seal can degrade over time, so if you notice transmission fluid leaking under your vehicle or low transmission fluid on the dipstick, it’s time to have a qualified AutoGuru technician replace it.

This can be an expensive repair as the only way to access the torque converter seal is to remove the transmission from the vehicle.

Pricing can start from $500 and reach $1000 and higher, depending on how labour intensive the transmission removal is.

What is a torque converter seal?

The torque converter seal is of a similar design to many other seals fitted to your vehicle.

It utilises a solid outer ring, usually made from alloy, and a rubber inner ring which is fitted with a thin spring to hold tension on the seal.

This seal is fitted to the front of the transmission and the transmission input shaft passes through it for the torque converter to locate to.

Symptoms your torque converter seal requires replacing

  • Transmission fluid leaking under the vehicle
  • Low transmission fluid
  • Erratic transmission operation
Torque converter seal replacement

How is the torque converter seal replaced?

  • The technician will inspect the vehicle to verify the leak
  • The car is jacked up to allow access to the transmission
  • Components are removed to allow for transmission removal
  • The transmission and torque converter are removed from the vehicle
  • The old seal is removed, the surface cleaned and the new seal installed
  • The transmission and torque converter are refitted to the vehicle
  • Components are refitted and the transmission fluid level checked and topped up
  • The vehicle is lowered and tested for correct operation and leak rectification

Tips to remember

  • It is best practice to replace the transmission fluid at the same time as the torque converter seal replacement to ensure no debris has entered the transmission
  • On some vehicles, the engine and transmission will both need to be removed to carry out torque converter seal replacement

How important is replacing the torque converter seal?

Having a transmission leak on your vehicle may increase the wear and tear on the internals of the transmission, and even potentially lead to complete transmission failure, all because of a leaking seal.

Replacing the torque converter seal as soon as it’s noticed to be leaking may shock you with the pricing, but it is far cheaper than having to replace the complete transmission assembly when it fails.