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Transmission oil pressure switch replacement

How to get your transmission oil pressure switch replaced

Getting your transmission oil pressure switch replaced has never been easier. AutoGuru makes it simple to get online quotes back from local mechanics for the repair that you need. All the hassle and hard work has been removed! 

What is a transmission oil pressure switch?

A transmission oil pressure switch is responsible for monitoring your transmissions oil pressure.

This information is then sent from the transmission to the ECU which it uses to make sure that  gear changes happen at the appropriate time.

How to tell if you need your transmission oil pressure switch repaired

There could be a number of ways that you can tell if your transmission oil pressure switch has an issue

1. Engine light on

Generally your first inclination that something is wrong is the engine light coming on, This could come on for a variety of reasons so it’s best to get it in to get checked out ASAP

2. Vehicle has difficulty shifting

If the switch is registering a different pressure than what is in the transmission then it can cause the transmission to shift too early or too late causing the shift to feel harsher than usual.

3. Engine RPM is higher than it should be

Similar to the above reason a mismatch in the oil pressure switch to what's in the transmission can cause your vehicle to rev a lot higher before it shifts.

4. Vehicle enters "limp" mode

If your transmission oil switch registers your transmission oil pressure is too high or low, it may send your vehicle into limp mode. Limp mode is when you're still able to drive your vehicle, however, the transmission will stay in a single gear to prevent any further damage. This should allow you to get your car to a safe place, or even to the nearest workshop. 

Transmission oil pressure switch replacement

Is it important to get the transmission oil pressure switch repaired?

The oil pressure switch of the transmission is vital for the smooth and efficient operation of the vehicle. If you recognise any of the above warning signs or symptoms, get it checked out ASAP.

How is the transmission oil pressure switch repaired?

Generally, it's a pretty simple repair because the oil pressure switch is easy to access.

Parts prices can vary from model to model and can sometimes be difficult to source, which could cause delays in the repair.

Tips to remember

Some things to remember if you think you have a transmission oil pressure switch issue

  • If you notice your transmission starting to shift erratically or harshly, get it checked out ASAP
  • If you leave it too long your vehicle may go into limp mode or may require a costly tow.