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Average rating for Shift lock solenoid replacement


4.2 • based on 13 reviews of 11 businesses

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Average rating for Shift lock solenoid replacement


4.2 • based on 13 reviews of 11 businesses

Shift Lock Solenoid Replacement

What happens with the Shift Lock Solenoid fails?

Can’t get the car out of park?

Maybe the shift lock (or interlock) solenoid has died.

It’s one of those gizmos that you probably don’t know exists, until it stops you getting from A to B.

This little mechanism is connected to your brake pedal and locks the transmission from going into drive unless you have your foot on the brake.

When the shift lock solenoid fails, which it can with age and wear, you won’t be able to get out of park.

If it has failed, then it will need to be replaced.

Be prepared to pay around $90 to $240 to have the job done.

There are some quality technicians at AutoGuru that can help you replace the shift lock solenoid - it’s always easier with the experts.

What is a Shift Lock Solenoid?

In non-tech lingo, it’s a gadget used in automatic transmission vehicles that stops you from doing something silly, like shifting out of park when the brake is not engaged and the ignition is on.

In tech terms, a solenoid is an electrical component that converts electrical energy to mechanical energy through a wire coil, and which can be used as a locking device.

As you can probably suspect, it runs off your car battery and is a safety device, designed so no unwanted surprises can happen.

However, it is a wear item, which means it might last the life of the vehicle but it will deteriorate and can eventually fail over time.

If you are having trouble shifting out of park, there is a good chance there’s an issue with the shift lock solenoid.

Symptoms that a Shift Lock Solenoid needs replacing

  • Check engine light may be displayed in dash
  • You may be experiencing irregular shifting or slippage
  • You just can’t get it into gear because it shift out of park
Shift Lock Solenoid Replacement

How is a Shift Lock Solenoid replaced

  • The shift lock solenoid is usually situated near the transmission lever. The technician will need to remove the centre console panel from around the shift lever to access the component
  • Once located, the shift lock solenoid will be removed
  • New shift lock solenoid will be fitted
  • The circuit will be checked and tested
  • Centre console panel will be fixed back into place
  • The transmission lever operation will be checked

Tips to remember

Always check that you have power to the vehicle before jumping to the conclusion that it’s your shift lock solenoid stopping you from getting into drive.

It might just be a dead battery.

How important is replacing a Shift Lock Solenoid?

Unfortunately, if it fails it will lock you out and you're stuck there.

No driving for you.

There are, apparently, some ways to override the system, but they are not recommended.

There is no easy patch-up fix and once it’s gone it needs to be replaced.

If you are stuck in a bind and away from home you may need to get a tow or arrange a mechanic to come out to you.

There are some awesome mobile mechanics available at AutoGuru and we can arrange to get you back on the road soon.