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Average rating for Front crankshaft seal replacement


3.6 • based on 5 reviews of 5 businesses

Front crankshaft seal replacement

How much does a front crankshaft seal replacement cost?

The crankshaft is the main component that enables your engine to run. It sits in the bottom of the engine block above the oil pan (also known as the engine sump) and large counterweights splash oil onto the main bearings to provide lubrication.

The transmission and crankshaft pulley are driven by the crankshaft, so a front and rear oil seal are used to separate the inside and outside of the engine. This keeps moisture and dirt out of the sensitive components inside the engine. These seals wear out over time, which causes an oil leak. There is no specified replacement interval for these seals and they will need to be replaced as soon as a leak is noticed to ensure no damage comes to internal engine components.

Fortunately, the front crankshaft seal is easier to replace than the rear seal, with replacement costs starting around $200 and reaching $500 and above, depending on your vehicle and engine layout.

What is a front crankshaft seal?

The front crankshaft seal is designed to seal the hole in the engine block where the front of the crankshaft protrudes. The crankshaft pulley sits on this, providing drive to the engine accessories. The front crankshaft seal is primarily made up of a natural or synthetic rubber moulded into a metal ring and uses a thin spring to keep tension on the rubber against the crankshaft, preventing leaks.

Heat, wear and poor engine oil condition all contribute to seal failure and when a leak is detected the seal will need to be replaced.

Symptoms your front crankshaft seal requires replacement

  • Engine oil leaking from the front of the engine
  • Puddle of oil on the floor underneath the vehicle
  • Low oil level
Front crankshaft seal replacement

How is the front crankshaft seal replaced?

  • The technician inspects the engine for the source of the leak
  • The crankshaft pulley and drive belt/s are removed to allow access to the crankshaft seal
  • The leaking seal is removed, the surface cleaned and a new seal installed
  • The crankshaft pulley and drive belt/s are reinstalled
  • The engine is operated and the underside cleaned to ensure a correct repair

Tips to remember

  • If engine oil has leaked onto the drive belt/s and crankshaft pulley, these components may need to be replaced
  • Other oil leaks can mimic a front crankshaft seal leak, such as a leaking front timing cover, so correct diagnosis is required to prevent unnecessary repairs

How important is replacing the front crankshaft seal?

Replacing your front crankshaft seal as soon as possible after noticing a leak will ensure that your vehicle is safe to operate and will protect the engine from potentially expensive repairs due to low oil level or elemental damage. Drive belt and crankshaft pulley damage can also result from a front crankshaft seal oil leak.