Clutch Replacement

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Average rating for Clutch Replacement


4.8 • based on 513 reviews of 321 businesses

Clutch Replacement

How much does a clutch replacement cost?

The average clutch replacement on a small car can start around $900 and increase to $2000 and above, depending on the type of vehicle.

Most vehicles purchased these days are automatic, but most performance models and older vehicles still use a manual transmission to select gears.

Operating your vehicle with a failing clutch can quickly damage other components of the transmission and increase the repair costs exponentially.

What is a clutch?

A clutch is a disc made up of a round metal plate with friction material riveted or bonded onto each side. This friction material grips the flywheel and pressure plate when the clutch is engaged to provide drive from the engine into the gearbox.

It also allows the engine and transmission to be disconnected from each other, allowing the engine to run without providing drive. Such as when the driver places their foot on the clutch pedal or the gearbox is in neutral. This also allows for smooth gear changes when the vehicle is in motion.

What are the symptoms of a failing clutch?

  • Hard to select gears

  • Engine RPM increasing with no increase in vehicle speed

  • Burning smell from the vehicle

  • The clutch pedal is not returning

  • Unable to depress clutch pedal

  • Shudder when changing gears

Clutch disc replacement

Is replacing the clutch a big job?

A mechanic will remove the vehicle transmission and replace the clutch, pressure plate, flywheel, and slave cylinder (If required, at additional cost). 

The clutch fluid will be replaced, followed by a bedding-in process and a test drive to verify the system's proper functioning.

Depending on the type of vehicle, the labour time may vary – as many 4WD and SUV models have complicated drive-train and transmission setups that are very labour-intensive to remove and refit.

What is the lifespan of a clutch?

Depending on your driving style, the clutch on your vehicle may last up to and over 200,000km, but will eventually wear out and require replacement.

When towing heavier loads like caravans or large trailers, consider upgrading to a heavy-duty clutch to handle the extra weight effectively. Factory clutches aren't built for extended towing, so a heavy-duty clutch is a wise choice to prevent premature failure. The downside to installing a heavy-duty clutch is the increased pedal pressure required to operate the clutch.

Why is it important to have your clutch inspected or replaced?

Continuing to drive with a failing clutch could result in being stranded by the roadside or struggling to accelerate safely, posing a risk to others on the road.

Ignoring the warning signs can also lead to expensive repair bills, as further damage may be caused by continuing to operate your vehicle with an issue.

If you suspect your clutch needs to be inspected or replaced, get a free quote online from AutoGuru today!