Air conditioning compressor relay replacement

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Average rating for Air conditioning compressor relay replacement


4.6 • based on 9 reviews of 9 businesses

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Average rating for Air conditioning compressor relay replacement


4.6 • based on 9 reviews of 9 businesses

Air conditioning compressor relay replacement

What happens when the AC compressor relay breaks?

You push a button, turn a dial and shazam, there she blows.

Ahh, that refreshing feeling of cool air caressing your body.

If only . . . turns out you’re daydreaming . . . there’s a heat wave going on outside, and you’re A/C hasn’t been working for a month.

You take one last look in the mirror at your windswept hair, peel yourself out of the sticky car seat and commence flapping your clothes around in an attempt to dry the telltale sweat marks that come with having no air con.

It was only going to cost around $40 to $140 to get the AC compressor relay replaced, and now you wish you had arranged a technician to replace it straight away.

What is an AC compressor relay?

It’s a small part but it plays a big role.

The AC relay plugs into a relay box that usually sits inside the engine bay and is responsible for supplying power to the AC compressor and clutch.

When the AC is switched on, that action tells the relay to close the circuit.

This sends power to the compressor and clutch which starts the compressor motor, kickstarting the AC system operation.

Symptoms that an AC compressor relay needs replacing

Air compressor does not switch on 
When you switch the air conditioner on you can usually hear a click.

That is the compressor clutch operating.

If you don’t hear a click and have no AC, this is a sign the relay needs replacing

Intermittent cooling
The AC might be working sometimes but not at others, or may be cutting in and out.

There is no cold air
The AC is not working at all.

The system relies on power through the relay.

If there’s no power, the AC compressor won’t work and there’ll be no cold air

Air conditioning compressor relay replacement

How is an AC compressor relay replaced?

It is a fairly simple task to replace a relay but without the correct tools and knowledge, it will be easier to get the experts to do it.

When it comes to electrical work, you don’t want to get a jolt from the battery.

A technician will locate the relay box, usually found under the bonnet.

The old relay removed and the new relay installed.

System operation will be checked and cleared of faults.

Tips to remember

Avoid turning your AC on and off continually. this can cause them to overheat and fail.

It’s best to have a qualified technician handle any electrical components.

How important Is It to replace n AC compressor relay?

It comes down to comfort.

If you are in the habit of driving in air-conditioned comfort then this is a no brainer.

Unless you stick your head out the window and have a cup of ice in the car, you might not get through your next trip!

So, if your AC isn’t working and you’re all for air-conditioned comfort, get AutoGuru to have an AC expert get you back to chilled.