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Here's what everyone else is asking!

What’s a torque converter?

The torque converter is fitted to automatic transmission equipped vehicles, and is a fluid damper fitted between the engine and transmission that allows the vehicle to come to a stop without stalling. It also provides torque multiplication, which effectively provides better low down response at slow speeds, and can also ‘lock up’ to increase fuel efficiency at highway speeds.

Who can change my transmission fluid?

Any qualified mechanic or transmission specialist can replace the transmission fluid in your vehicle and they will ensure the correct fluid is used.

Are transmission flushes necessary?

It is recommended to change transmission oil/automatic transmission fluid at the specific service interval as suggested by the vehicle manufacturer unless you have transmission issues or there are unusual circumstances that would require it to be changed sooner.

What's the difference between an automatic and manual transmission?

A manual requires human input to change gears, with the driver using their foot to depress the clutch pedal, and then manually shift the gear stick up into the desired gear. An automatic doesn’t require any of that, as it’s controlled completely by the computer in the car. All you need to do is tell the car what you want to do by putting the gear selector in Park, Reverse, Neutral or Drive.

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2003 Ford Falcon image

Ashleigh S

2003 Ford Falcon

AMC Performance and Mechanical

starstarstarstarstar   5 • 21 May 2020

AMC are great. I will likely use their service again in the future.

2009 Dodge Journey image

Charmaine s

2009 Dodge Journey

Rapid Tune Hallam

starstarstarstarstar   5 • 22 May 2020

Highly recommend these guys. They replaced my spark plugs and also tightened a few loose screws from another mechanic. Will definitely take my car back here. Thanks guys.

2005 Mazda 6 image

Amelia S

2005 Mazda 6

Drivemaster Tyres & Auto

starstarstarstarstar   5 • 21 May 2020

Great mechanic work!


starstarstarstarstar   5 • 21 May 2020

No complaints from me. Been dealing with AutoplusWA for over 15 years. Customer service always 100% and above.

Aldershot Service Centre

starstarstarstarstar   5 • 20 May 2020

Honest, fair and great work, very satisfied customer.

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katiena j

2006 Suzuki Swift

MIT Automotive

starstarstarstarstar   5 • 19 May 2020

Very professional, excellent workmanship, honest and upfront

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