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Average rating for Headlight bulb replacement


4.7 • based on 157 reviews of 119 businesses

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Average rating for Headlight bulb replacement


4.7 • based on 157 reviews of 119 businesses

Headlight bulb replacement

How much does a headlight bulb replacement cost?

The headlights are the main source of light from your vehicle at night time, which allows the driver to see where they are going, and more importantly, helps drivers see other vehicles coming towards them. Most modern vehicles allow the changing of just the bulbs, instead of having to replace the whole headlight - which is more cost effective.

Most vehicle have four bulbs in the front – two for the normal low beams and two for the high beam/dip lights, as well as separate fuses for each side.

Replacing a headlight bulb can start at around $20 and can increase to $100+, especially if the headlight assembly has to be removed from the vehicle. 

What is a headlight bulb?

A headlight bulb is based on the same principle as the bulbs in your house. They are a glass bulb with a filament inside, which glows white hot when a current is passed through it. This glowing filament provides the light output which is then directed forwards by specially angled reflectors inside the headlight.

Symptoms your headlight bulb may need replacing:

• One Headlight is dimmer than the other
• Headlight does not work
• Headlight Bulb is flickering when switched on

Headlight bulb replacement

How is a headlight bulb replaced?

• The headlights are switched on and inspected
• The fuses will be checked to ensure they are not blown
• The faulty bulb will be removed and the socket checked
• The new bulb will be fitted and tested for operation

Tips to remember

• Some vehicles will require the removal of the front bumper to access the headlight bulbs – This may increase the labour time required to replace the bulbs
• Some modern vehicles are fitted with ‘High Intensity Discharge’ headlights (HID) or LED headlights. These bulbs are more expensive to replace, and may also require other components to return the headlights to proper operation. If you are not sure if your vehicle is fitted with these lights, it is best to book a ‘lighting inspection’ to determine the correct repair required.

How important is replacing your headlight bulb?

Your headlights are essential in providing visibility in dark or poor lighting conditions, and having a headlight bulb that is not working not only decreases visibility, it makes your vehicle harder to see by other drivers and pedestrians.

It is also illegal to operate your vehicle with lighting that is inoperative, so you may also end up with a fine from the local authorities for operating a vehicle with a blown headlight bulb.

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